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Life Lately 10 | 1 | 19 Updated

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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The next morning we get a call from AP's doctor. Long story short.. one of the test they did for Celiac Disease came back positive. We don't know the specifics until we see the GI specialist but this girl has sent us on a journey since day one lol! 

Our family has been in FULL on football mode since August. Barrett has practice daily, games twice a week and his Sundays are filled with watching film. So I thought I would take today's post to give a little life update. Besides football and school nothing major has happened.. oh except for three people in our family having the stomach virus. That was REAL fun for this mama. 

Now I'll jut go ahead and dedicate this post to the star of the family. Our sweet Anne Purser. She will be 18 months this week and she has sent us on a ride here lately. Well, she's pretty much been doing this since the day she was born! The day she was born she stayed in the nursery for hours before I got to hold her due to her having some fluid in her lungs. Which I learned isn't uncommon for babies that are born via c-section. 

She got a terrible cold at two weeks old that freaked this mama out. Her little eyes are puffy, draining and she could barely open them. At four moms old I found myself seeing a lactation consultant because we were having nursing issues (at four months!?) and that was a COMPLETE struggle for us for the next two months. 

When she was a year old we had allergy testing done because her doctor and I were both certain she had a milk allergy. Guess what? All her labs came back normal. We were both floored. Fast forward to yesterday and I found myself BACK at the hospital with her having blood work

Before I make things seem dramatic.. all is fine! She was having a difficult time recovering from that awful stomach virus. After looking back through his notes over the past year he decided to put she on a diary free diet. He thinks she has a mild diary allergy. Which he is pretty certain she will outgrow. After a switch to almond milk and some probiotics this girl was good to go!

I'm so so thankful that was all that it was! Now we are just getting ready for all of the fun activities and praying this weather will decide to cool down soon!