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Current Favorite's- For the Toddler

Monday, September 23, 2019

I won't lie.. My favorite thing about this post is AP's incredible cheese faces lol! Seriously ya'll, this girl is so funny. Anytime I get the camera out she is READY. Believe it or not all of these pictures of her she was saying "cheeeeese!" with a sweet little "YAY!" when we were finished. 

 I wanted to share a few of our toddler favorites at the moment! A couple of these have come from our Baby Favorites. You can read that post HERE. I originally wanted this post to go live this past Friday but life happened. Barrett had an away game so we were busy busy getting ready for that! 

 Okay hands down my all time favorite is the Lollipop Baby Monitor. From birth all the way to the eighteen month mark we can't live without it. I use to think monitors were not such a big deal. With baby #1 and #2 I had a regular audio monitor. Once I got the Lollipop I quickly changed my mind lol. Monitors are everythinggggg. Read more about it HERE

This next item is another we have used from birth to the toddler years and yes, the bottle is still around! Our favorite had been the Comotomo bottle. Our breastfeeding journey was so difficult starting the she was about four months old so these were a lifesaver! You can read more about our breastfeeding journey HERE

And the Dock A Tot. I lost count of how many times I saw post about the Dock a Tot from other mama's but now I know WHY. This is another product that's made the transition with us us newborn to toddler life. We bought the Dock a Tot grand the same time we got the smaller size, The Deluxe. 

When Addie Rivers was in preschool I got a pack of 100+ sticker labels for her cups, containers etc. There so helpful but I found that they would wear over time and the point of having her name on them was pointless because her name was gone. So when I found InchBug I knew I had to get them! They are a must have for all toddler mama's. 

Now my ALL time favorite bag in the "baby world" has been a Lily Jade! This is our THIRD bag from them lol. They are a bit of a splurge but SO worth it. Trust me! You can see more about our current favorite HERE.

Lastly, our favorite toddler toy to date! The Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano Musical Toy. We have a piano in our home and the older two love "practicing" on it daily. Anne Purser has always tried to  play with them so when I found this I thought, "Yes, PERFECT!" I love all of the Baby Einstein learning toys. This one is great for Anne Purser's age at the moment. The older two even love playing with it. 

I hope you mama's enjoyed reading about our toddler favorites... On Wednesday's blog post I'll share  our new living room! Happy Monday!