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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Favorite September Purchases

Jeans: Madewell | Shoes: Matisse | Sweater: Similar 

We woke up this morning and it FINALLY felt like fall! I know that as soon as the sun fully comes out it will be burning up, but taking the kiddos to school when it's a little cool was so nice. I'm still in the process of getting my updated living room post up. It will be up this week for sure! Until then, I though I would share a few of my September purchases that have become favorites. You can shop all all of the items below! 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Current Favorite's- For the Toddler

I won't lie.. My favorite thing about this post is AP's incredible cheese faces lol! Seriously ya'll, this girl is so funny. Anytime I get the camera out she is READY. Believe it or not all of these pictures of her she was saying "cheeeeese!" with a sweet little "YAY!" when we were finished. 

 I wanted to share a few of our toddler favorites at the moment! A couple of these have come from our Baby Favorites. You can read that post HERE. I originally wanted this post to go live this past Friday but life happened. Barrett had an away game so we were busy busy getting ready for that! 

 Okay hands down my all time favorite is the Lollipop Baby Monitor. From birth all the way to the eighteen month mark we can't live without it. I use to think monitors were not such a big deal. With baby #1 and #2 I had a regular audio monitor. Once I got the Lollipop I quickly changed my mind lol. Monitors are everythinggggg. Read more about it HERE

This next item is another we have used from birth to the toddler years and yes, the bottle is still around! Our favorite had been the Comotomo bottle. Our breastfeeding journey was so difficult starting the she was about four months old so these were a lifesaver! You can read more about our breastfeeding journey HERE

And the Dock A Tot. I lost count of how many times I saw post about the Dock a Tot from other mama's but now I know WHY. This is another product that's made the transition with us us newborn to toddler life. We bought the Dock a Tot grand the same time we got the smaller size, The Deluxe. 

When Addie Rivers was in preschool I got a pack of 100+ sticker labels for her cups, containers etc. There so helpful but I found that they would wear over time and the point of having her name on them was pointless because her name was gone. So when I found InchBug I knew I had to get them! They are a must have for all toddler mama's. 

Now my ALL time favorite bag in the "baby world" has been a Lily Jade! This is our THIRD bag from them lol. They are a bit of a splurge but SO worth it. Trust me! You can see more about our current favorite HERE.

Lastly, our favorite toddler toy to date! The Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano Musical Toy. We have a piano in our home and the older two love "practicing" on it daily. Anne Purser has always tried to  play with them so when I found this I thought, "Yes, PERFECT!" I love all of the Baby Einstein learning toys. This one is great for Anne Purser's age at the moment. The older two even love playing with it. 

I hope you mama's enjoyed reading about our toddler favorites... On Wednesday's blog post I'll share  our new living room! Happy Monday!   

Thursday, September 12, 2019

My Tips for Having a Successful Work From Home Career

Happy Thursday guys! Today I'm here to share things that have tremendously helped me be a full time "Work from home" mom four the past two years. Before that I would say I was a "part time" work from home mom. I had my blog and wrote for a couple of websites, but I did this as the kids were in bed. My blog wasn't what it is now. After I decided to work it full time, I knew I needed some organization and structure. And now there's a baby calling my name on the monitor. I'll resume this post shortly! 

Okay, after three hours I'm back :) and that's the beauty of working from home. Most of the days are with work and here and there. I try to do as much as I can during nap time while the others are at school but I don't always finish in those 2+ hours. Some days I have more work to do than others so during those times I'll spend nap time drafting content, brainstorming or working on social media growth. 

Wondering what all of my work task consist of? Well for starters there's the blog. If you are reading this then you already know that. Sponsored post, affiliate links are the two ways my blog is a source of income. I try to do as many or more non sponsored post as well! I want to be able to share our life updates plus any helpful info with you guys. For social channels my income comes from sponsored post as well. It varies from each campaign but a lot of sponsored work will be blog and social channels. Sometimes I just work for companies for social shares. Lastly, I work for  a few different online platforms as a contributor. I write content for those companies a couple of times a week! Those are the all of the things that make up my income as a blogger. I'm sure you have read similar post like this and already know that but I wanted to share in case you didn't. It has taken me YEARS to build up to this and learn the behind the scenes as a writer/content creator. Just know that if you have a dream to so something like this, it's totally doable! However, you need to know that it takes time and success doesn't come over night. If it's a passion of yours though, you CAN do it! 

Here are the tips I've learned that have helped me stay on track and accomplish my goals. 

1. Create a daily work schedule! Whether you have an actual planner or use an app, planning out your work day task is so important. I used to use a planner but now I use Trello. A few other options are Asana and Wrike. Plan your task out the night before and check them off when  you complete them! 

2. No distractions! I use to try to sit down and work and I would find my self picking up my phone, scrolling Instagram  or Pinterest and then I would feel overwhelmed. While you are working on a task- put your phone down and don't pick it up until you're finished. 

3. Get yourself ready each day! This sounds so ridiculous right? But ya'll I'll be honest, when the kids were home during the summer I would look up from my computer and it would be 1pm and I would still be in my pj's. Now I wake up before the kids, have my coffee and get "ready" for the day. I put on gym clothes and do my morning facial routine. After I drop the kids off at school AP and I go on our morning run. When we come home that's usually when I shower. If I have somewhere to do I'll do my whole get ready routine- hair makeup.. you get the picture. If my afternoon is going to consist of just working sometimes I just put more gym clothes on! Either way I always feel "ready". 

4. Brainstorming! I spend a good bit of time on Pinterest. Brainstorming, pinning and having a vision helps me so much. I know we use Pinterest for everything like recipes, nursery decor and quotes but using it for career inspiration is SO good! I am always looking for inspiration for blog post, outfits, different photography skills etc. Of course Instagram is great for this too, however I find myself mindlessly scrolling lol. Sticking to Pinterest is what's most helpful for me! 

5. Use helpful programs! Google drive is your BFF. Not even kidding, I keep everything on google drive. My blog drafts, list of brands to contact, list of my current collaborations and my income for the month. Before this I would search back through emails looking for deadlines and it was a hot mess. It's tricky to learn but once you get the hang of it, you will see just how much it can simplify your work life! 

Monday, September 9, 2019

My Daily Routine As a Work From Home Mama

Are you a working mom, a stay at home mom or a work from home mom? Well I’ve done ALL three. As I’m sitting here writing blog drafts, it hit me. What is something I love to read or a youtube video I love to watch? What other mama’s are doing on a daily basis! So today I’m here to share what our daily routine looks like these days. As a mom of three, two which are in school and a very sweet (demanding lol) toddler. What does my day to day look like? 

Now that I’m someone that works from home, I have to be extremely disciplined with my time. Oh how I would LOVE to binge watch Sex and The City during AP’s nap but that’s not an option. At least not everyday! Don’t get my wrong, some days I just need a little time to relax. One thing I know to be true as a mom of a bunch of littles is that you have got to find time to REST. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I will work in bed with the t.v on. Sometimes it’s just what works! 

Here’s what my weekday routine looks like! 

Wake up call! This doesn’t happen everyday but most days I try to do this. I wake up before the kids, drink my coffee in bed. I won’t lie, I’m one of those people who LOVE their coffee and I have to start , day with it. Waking up before everyone else to drink my coffee in silence? Totally worth it! 

I don’t wake the kids up until 6:30, so at 6:00 I start packing lunches, snacks and getting breakfast ready. Ya’ll this honestly takes almost thirty minutes lol. 

Wake the older two kiddos up! This is a struggle- everyday I wake them up, bring them to my bed and turn on the tv. After a few cries they are almost good to go. 

This is when the baby wakes up, I get the other two dressed and everyone eats breakfast. 

Luckily, we live about two minutes from school so this helps so much with our morning routine! Once I get the older two off for the day, it’s just the littlest one and I. 

One reason I’m extremely thankful I’m married to a school administrator.. Unlimited track time lol. AP and I go down to the track four times a week for our three mile walk/run. We change it up each day. She loves it! She has her milk and a snack and is usually pretty content the whole 45 minutes. I’ve just started this once the kids went back to school and it makes my day run much more smoothly. 

Today we did a grocery trip after our run. This only happens on Monday’s though. Back home we go! This time until 11:30 when she goes down for her nap is when we clean up around the house, do a load of laundry, and have a little play time. I try to squeeze a shower in before I put her down for a nap that way I can dedicate the entire nap time to working! While I shower, she plays on the floor with toys. 

Ahhhh the golden hour! If she’s not cutting a tooth or sick, AP LOVES her naps. Today she slept from 11:30 until about 2:00. I got SO much work done today while she was sleeping. If I block off nap time just to work, it’s amazing how much I can knock out in that time. Wednesday’s blog post will be a look into my “work day”. I’ll share my tips on how I manage my time and apps/programs I use to help me stay organized and on top of it! Here’s a list of what I got done today: I wrote three blog drafts, answered emails, did IG engaging, wrote captions for three sponsored post I have due on Friday, edited pictures and I’m sure there is more! 

Baby is up! I think she actually woke up around 1:30-1:45 but was playing in her crib so I left her for a big. Her monitor notifies me when she’s awake and when I checked on her she was so content. I love when she wakes up this way. The naps when she wakes up crying make for a hard rest of the afternoon! Between now and when it’s time for school pick up, I try to run any other errands I need to for the day. Today we had to make a trip to the post office before we picked the kiddos up at 2:30. 

-2:30pm- 6:00pm
Most day’s these few hours seem like a blur lol. I really try to unplug from work and my phone from this time so I can really spend time with the kids. Between supper, homework, bath time etc. this is the craziest time and I’m sure you other moms can agree! 

Once daddy get’s home I can breathe a slight sigh of relief, but we don’t get everything done and in bed until around 9. Isn’t it crazy how much we go, go, go with kids? Constantly on the go! However, I wouldn’t change it for the world and I’m so thankful that I am able to work from home. Wednesday’s blog post will be all about my work schedule as a blogger plus things I use to make my “work from home” life just a tad bit easier! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My One "Must Have" Skincare Product at 28

It feels SO good to be back to my regular posting schedule for the blog! It was a crazy busy few moths for us but I'm so thrilled to start posting blog post each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've some fun content planned out so be on the lookout. Now on today's post... 

(Keep reading if you like free products!) 

Did you guys know I turned 28 this past August? Well, over the past couple of years I've gotten pretty serious about my skincare routine. Give me ALL of the eye cream! Today  I want to share the one product I honestly won't go without.  The Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel. I added this to my nightly skincare routine about five months ago and it has completely changed the way my skin looks AND feels. When someone ask me what is my MUST HAVE Beautycounter product, the peel it is. 

Just to give you an idea of the Overnight Resurfacing Peel is, it is a leave-on AHA/BHA peel improves skin texture and boosts clarity without irritation or over-drying. And I might add that this product, like all of the Beautycoutner products, smells Ah-mazing! With glycolic, malic, and botanically derived lactic acid, the formula clears away dull surface cells, while arginine and essential fatty acids help soothe and nourish to reveal a brighter complexion. I use this after washing my face with the Nourashing Cream Exfoliator, about three times a week! 

How does it work? To start: nine resurfacing acids work together to renew the epidermal cells by removing dead skin cells from the stratum corneum. Next: a combination of six soothing acids re hydrates and replenishes skin. This peel is safer than most others because it is formulated without synthetic fragrances, PEGs and formaldehyde releasing preservatives commonly found in other peels. 

How to use: 

Apply 1 to 2 pumps to clean face and neck, and leave on overnight. May tingle upon application. Allow product to fully absorb (3 to 5 minutes), then follow with a moisturizer. Use every other night.               
Here's a little breakdown of the benefits of the key ingredients. 

Glycolic acid: improves skin texture, resurfaces, exfoliates
Lactic acid: stimulates cell renewal promoting smoother, brighter,
younger-looking skin
Malic acid: decreases the appearance of fine lines
Citric Acid: evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of
dark spots
Hyaluronic acid: hydrates skin and helps it retain moisture
Fatty acids: including omegas 3 & 6, maintain skin’s barrier
to prevent moisture loss, smooth skin, and provide antioxidant

Now for the exciting news! Right now you can get the Overnight Resurfacing Peel for FREE! When you sign up to become a Band of Beauty Member you get the peel for free as your welcome gift. What is the Band of Beauty Membership? When you sign for you get Free Shipping on Qualifying Orders of $100+, 10% Product Credit on Applicable Orders, A welcome gift when you spend $50+ on products when enrolling, Members exclusive offers. Just try it for yourself, I promise- you won't regret it!