Weekend Recap | 4/27/19 | Balancing in High Heels

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Weekend Recap | 4/27/19

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wallet | UNDER $20 HERE 


BONNET: The Beaufort Bonnet Company | TOP: FREE PEOPLE | HAYES TOP: here | Wallet: Under $20 HERE | TRANSITION BOTTLE: Dr. Browns | BOTTLE: COMOTOMO
Other necessities not in the pictures: Cutie Pat | 

Be prepared for many pictures of a baby in a bonnet now that the weather is warm! It is seriously now of my FAVORITE things. THIS ONE is our go to. It's perfect to keep those little ones from getting too much sun. Our sweet AP has the world's most sensitive skin. Before we head out doors anytime the weather is warm I make sure to slather her in sunscreen and throw on a bonnet. 

This year we decided to get season tickets for Ole Miss baseball. If you didn't know we are huge Ole Miss fans- some of us are a little more dramatic than others about it (hint hint, BD). Barrett and I talk daily about how that was the best decision we made. It is so fun to take the kids to games on the weekends. They have the BEST time! 

 Also, THIS WALLET  pictured above- I found last week and had to have it. It's under $20 and looks so similar to a LV! 

AR went on a weekend trip to Nashville to visit cousins so we took the two littles to two games and had a great weekend. I've got a post in the works for later this week about easy travel with kids. You always hear people talk about how difficult it is to travel with them. I strongly disagree. We have always traveled with ours and it's a breeze! Last weekend we went downtown to Memphis. We stayed a night, went to dinner and a baseball game all with kids in tow and never had an issue. My number one tip is, if you start them while they are babies they won't know the difference.