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Diaper Bags for the Stylish Mama (Published on 7/26/16)

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Hey Guys, Happy Tuesday!

If you have been following along on my instagram then you have seen a few of my post where I talk about a huge surprise coming on August the 26th. I seriously can't wait to share what is going on! 

Mark your calendars for that date and be sure to follow along on instagram and snapchat (ryanndonahoe) so you can see up close and personal before it goes live!

If you are like me and love stylish bags then this post is for you. I recently teamed up with The Baby Cubby to write a post about our favorite diaper bag and give you a sneak peak at what's inside. 

Nothing irritates me more than carrying around a dorky diaper bag when I'm in my "cute" attire. It just completely throws of my look! 

This J.J Cole bag is the PERFECT bag, not only does it look great but it also works wonders as a diaper bag. It has several comparments for all of you and your babes belongings. It comes complete with a changing pad plus stroller handles which is genius! 

Do you ever travel with a stroller and find yourself trying to stuff your bag underneath it or even holding it on your shoulder the entire time? Well it has happened to me on several occasions. 

A few weeks ago I started working a couple of days a week and it has been great! My kiddos go to daycare on those two days, and we bring in bulk diapers and wipes so on the days they go all I'm packing is a lunch, and nap time needs. I pack all of that together in a small bag and I'm actually using my diaper bag for myself on the days that I work- shhh don't tell :) 

BE sure to check out the baby cubby for all of your babes needs from bags to toys! 

Here  is where you can go to see all that The Baby Cubby has to offer for yourself! 

You can also check out this link to see The Baby Cubby's diaper bag buying guide 

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