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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Redoing Your Kitchen

Thursday, January 3, 2019

When it comes to my husband and me there are definitely some differences. One of the main differences is- every time we move into a new home (We have moved six times in our six years of marriage.) is our style of homes. He prefers a "fixer upper" while I need "turn key." In the six homes we have lived in I would say that half have needed some things done and the other half have been a little more ready to move into. We moved into our current home a little over two years ago. When we were looking at different places, Barrett knew I feel in love with a few that were sleek and modern. However, here we are almost three years and I'm in our 1950's home. Before I go any further I just have to say I absolutely adore our home! It ended up being the most perfect one for us but at the time I hated it. We knew there were some things we needed to update. We did a lot of painting when we moved in but that was it for a while. Next came some floor changing and now we are on our second kitchen update! 

We are still working with the original kitchen. When we moved in that had painted the cabinets a white with white knobs. Eventually we want a completely new kitchen but we started exploring ways we could update it without doing a gut job right now. Our first update was eighteen months ago. We painted the cabinets, took the top cabinet doors off, and painted the horrible red countertops. We did a quick Pinterest search and found that chalkboard paint was the best alternative to a new countertop at the moment. It worked for a while but it wasn't my favorite. I'm a fan of lighter counters so the black wasn't my style. 

 A few months ago we started talking about another kitchen update- I searched Pinterest and Instagram again for inspiration. I fell in love with the Navy and gold theme. During this search I can across a company called Instant Granite. They give you the option to completely transform your countertops on a budget! Sign me up. I knew immediately who I wanted the kitchen to look and was thrilled to see that they had a marble option. Your instant granite comes with step by step instructions and is such an easy task to take on (or so my husband says!) Barrett did most of the work and I critiqued. 

Here are the pictures of our kitchen when we moved in and after our first update. I snapped the first photo on my phone hours after we moved in to show my sister how horrific it was and I do believe it's the only photo I have of it that way! I also have no idea why we came in and put one hundred things on the refrigerator.
( I honestly can't believe it looked this way- eek.) 

We painted cabinets, changed out the hardware (to cheap) and put up a backsplash and painted the countertops with Chalkboard paint. 

Here is a photo before the paint went on the countertops. 

Here is the first finished update. The chalkboard paint worked what I wasn't crazy about it. I prefer a lighter countertop but it was so much better than the red! 

And drumroll please.....
Our latest update! 

If you are looking to update your outdated kitchen then these next steps are for you. 

First step- Pick a theme. I searched Pinterest for weeks and decided on the
Navy and gold. 

Second Step- Coutnertops and Cabinets. We just decided on our paint color and did them all in one afternoon! For the countertops we went with the Marble vinyl from Instant Granite. (more on this below!) 

Third Step- Change our your hardware. As you can see in the second two pictures we had silver hardware. I was never crazy about it. Changing it completely changed the look of the kitchen. 

Now on to my favorite part thus far! The countertops. I have struggled since we moved into this house with these countertops. When I stumbled upon Instant Granite on Instagram my life was complete. I started watching video's on how to install it and I was on board (knowing that Barrett would be the one doing the work lol.) 


The process wasn't hard at all. You have to make sure you have a good bit of time set aside for the installation. Make sure you read ALL of the instructions and most importantly use the hairdryer! This process would have been so much harder if we would have tried to do it without one. Barrett did most of the work but I was there to help use the hairdryer while he was applying. 


It took us around four hours from start to finish. This includes all of the applying- trying to perfect the corners (tricky tricky!) and using caulk to fill in the placed that needed it. 


Obsessed- the only word I have to describe it! I went from having a kitchen I hated to absolutely loving it. For the first time I'm sharing completely unedited iPhone photos so you can get the full affect. 

Thank you to Instant Granite for sponsoring today's post!