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Packing For Nashville: The Start of Simplifying my Life for 2019

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Do you ever struggle with what to pack for those quick trips? That's me. No matter how often we take these sort of trips I always spend a good hour staring at my suitcase. It use to result in me packing ALL of the things. When we arrive I unpack and before I know it we are packing up to head back home and I have worn a total of one outfit leaving me with approximately 23 unworn. It use to be a big problem. I would get severe anxiety packing for a trip. Barrett would say, "You just need to pack light-we are only going for two days." and the next thing you know I could have stayed for a whole month. 

For our Nashville trip we were spending some down time with the family but we were always going downtown for lunch and such. Three months ago I would have packed six outfits to pick from- for that ONE LUNCH. Please tell me I'm not alone in this. Here are the things I do to simplify my packing now. Nashville Trip being the first success! 

1. Plan- I use to never look at the weather before a trip. I'd pack things for every season pretty much. Now I check and plan. 

2. Pack the things you know you love- Pick two of the outfits you have worn before that you know you'll be comfortable in. Not just comfort wise but things you know you won't be tugging at for four hours. 

3. ASK- If we are going somewhere and we are going out, to an event etc I always make sure to ask what others are wearing. 

4. The shower necessities- I wash my hair every 4ish days. IF I know we are going out of town I'll wash my hair the day before we leave. It cuts down on what I have to pack and it takes less time getting ready. The same goes for my razor. 

5. Make a list and check it twice- Before you even start the packing process make a list of the things you know you will need. Once you finish have all of your things ready to put into your bag see if there are things out that you don't have on this list. Chances are you probably don't need them! 

Here's what I packed in my overnight bag for our three day Nashville trip! 

(plus the unmentionables you can't go on a trip without along with a pair of pajamas- done!)

I have a few goals for the new year and one of the main ones is to Simplify. Not just decluttering but simplifying every singe aspect of my life. Spending more time with my family, less time stressing about my social media accounts, less time posing pictures for Instagram and to write daily blog post. I feel like bloggers (ME being very high on this list) Forget about why we started this journey. For me it wasn't to only post pictures on Instagram and blog once a month. This year you'll be seeing a post on the blog Monday through Friday. If I remember to post about it on social media to let you know that it's up I'll do that but I didn't start this five years ago to be a "Social Media Influencer." I'm a blogger. I have been for five years and that is where my career will stay. One of my favorite times in my career was about two years in. I  had just started exploring the ropes of having this be something I would do long term. I landed my first paid job and it wasn't a sponsored campaign for Instagram- it was writing weekly articles for a Pregnancy Magazine. I have some similar things in the works for 2019 and I can not wait to share that news with you! Heres to 2019- getting back to the basics. Signed, Ryann Donahoe- Blogger, content creator, contributor. Let's do this!