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Five Steps to Starting Your Postpartum Fitness Journey

Monday, January 14, 2019

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Happy Monday Friends! 

My time away from my social media was so nice. I don't know exactly how long I took off but I think it was around two weeks? Which is crazy with this being my job but I didn't have any sponsored work lined up for the first couple of weeks in January and I felt like I needed a little break. Don't we all? 

Today's post I wanted to talk about my postpartum fitness journey. Up until a couple of weeks ago it's been pretty non existent. I have ALWAYS loved fitness. My whole life I have loved working out, eating healthy and staying fit. It has just always made me feel so much better. I'll give you a little recap of my weight throughout the years. Not that this matters but it's just to give you an idea of where I am right now. 

Pre Marriage and Babies- 110-115 
First Pregnancy- I gained roughly 35-40 pounds. By her first birthday I was around 112. I started working out and eating healthy when she was four months. I always give myself time to feel normal again. 
Second Pregnancy- About a year before I got pregnant with our second baby my husband and I went into major fitness mode. I'm talking meal prepping, no carbs and running (four miles a day) Five times a week. So when I got pregnant I weight about 105. This was Probably the lowest I had been since junior high. I didn't intend on getting that small. We kind of became running obsessed! I gained about 30 pounds and ran up until I was eight months pregnant. I bounced back pretty fast after this one! I got down to about 115 a few months after. 

Third Pregnancy- I never got back into my intense running after number two however I worked out five days a week. It varied between running 2-3 miles a day and at home workouts. The last three years my normal weight was anywhere from 115-120. When I got pregnant with number three I was about 117. 

Now this is where It gets tricky. My current weight you guys.. (deep breath Ryann!) 145. Yep, at my two week postpartum visit I was 136. Normal right? Well things I won't talk about right  now happened in June. It pretty much sent me into some sort of depression. Our lives had changed for a moment and my milk supply was suffering. So I ate anything and everything to keep my supply up. In the end it didn't work so at six months old we stopped completely. What did I do after weaning? Start working out and eating healthy? Nope. Wrong. Continued to eat like I was breastfeeding and enjoyed my wine because I was no longer pregnant or nursing! From June to October I gained ten pounds. 

That's where we are now.  I'm starting my postpartum fitness journey nine months after having a baby but that's okay. At least I've started. Two weeks ago I started making the changed and I already feel so much better. I started slow and walk/ran on the treadmill about four times a week. Right now I'm just watching my carb and dairy intake, eating smaller portions and focusing on protein to keep me from mindless snacking throughout the day! I've taken before photos but right now I'm not ready to share them. I don't really recognize myself in the mirror right now. When I see myself I feel like I'm about six weeks postpartum. Tomorrow I start the 12 week BBG program by Kayla Itsines. I did about four weeks or it and then I found out I was pregnant last year so I stopped but really loved it for those four weeks! I wanted to share the top five things I did to start my journey. 

  1. LOVE your body- It took me a while to just love my body the way it is right now and trust the process because it WILL get there. But loving your body in every phase is so important . 
  2. Don't weigh yourself often-  I'm forcing myself to not get on the scale. I tend to be hard on myself and know I'll find disappointment if I haven't lost the way I think I should. 
  3. Increase your water intake- I didn't realize how little water I was consuming until I started making the change.  I aim to do AT LEAST 75 ounces a day. My fitbit is helping keep me on track with the water. 
  4. Go for healthy snacks- If I'm starving in between my normal meals  I try to grab things like bananas, avocados or hard boiled eggs. In the past I would reach for the bag of my kiddos chocolate animal crackers. Ugh not lying! 
  5. Give yourself some grace- It's hard to come to terms with the fact that your body has changed and It's going to take some time to change again. I focus on the 80/20 rule when it comes to healthy eating. For the most part I did REALLY well last week so Saturday I rewarded myself with my friends homemade pasta, bread and wine! Sunday morning I was right back on track- eating an egg for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken with veggies for dinner. 
I'm so excited to finally be sharing this struggle with y'all. I plan to post weekly updates every Monday. Let's call this one the first one!