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A Mother Is

Friday, January 11, 2019

A Mother Is.. 

Have you ever wondered? What exactly is the definition of a mother? I'll tell you exactly what I think a mother is. Someone who loves unconditionally, would give anything for someone and is completely selfless. We should really be called superhero shouldn't we? Motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job there is. 

I got to find out what being a mother was like before I ever gave birth to my first child. I was blessed with a precious five year old when my husband and I got married. Anyone that has known me knows my love for babies and children. I love everything about being a mother. If it were possible I would have at least one more baby.

Remember in my post last week where I talked about simplicity in the new year? I mentioned at the end of that post that I was focused on getting back to more of the things I loved pertaining to this career. One of my first jobs after I became a full time blogger was writing weekly blogs for Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine talking about all things pregnancy during those nine months. At the time I didn't realize exactly how big of a deal that was. I wasn't a big time blogger that took gorgeous photos. I was sharing real life pregnancy moments and taking snaps with my iPhone (unedited) and they loved it. As I go back and read the post I sometimes cringe because I was SO new to that world. I remember sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office flipping through one of the P&N magazines and seeing a picture in the bottom left hand corner and thinking, "Wait that's me!" 

As we were approaching the New Year something kind of hit me hard. It's easy to open the Instagram app kind of feel disappointed in yourself. There are bloggers posting new posed photos everyday in their brand new outfits. Every time I turn around I feel like I see someone else, "Hey I'm starting a blog!" Don't get me wrong I LOVE the blogging community. I think theres room for everyone! I just mean that as in this- I'm a super busy mom. Most of the times I have big plans for blog post and Instagram post but then life happens. So it can be normal for someone who has been doing this for almost six years to sometimes feel defeated. All that to say this. The past few months I started really asking myself where I saw myself in ten years. I could have never dreamed that I'd have such a fun exciting career that I can do from anywhere in the world while spending time with my babes. So where do I see myself? Instagram could end tomorrow. It can sometimes be fun to focus on the numbers and your following there but let's be honest. That is not what I started this blog to be about. 

This past summer was crazy for us. I started to think back to a time since I started blogging that I was the happiest with what I was doing. My days writing for P&N magazine kept filling my mind. I'm thrilled to announce that this year is starting off amazing and I've got fun news to share! I'm the newest weekly contributor to the blog A Mother Is. The new blog created by one of my most favorite maternity brands Ingrid and Isabel! If you are or have ever been pregnant you know exactly where I’m coming from. When I told my husband my fun news he was excited but clueless. The blog is an excellent resource for mamas to be and mamas. Sharing their experiences, talking about pregnancy + postpartum journeys and everything in between. Read there blog here! For some reason it’s a lot easier for me to get more personal when I’m writing in other places (something I’m working on for my own blog!). So my first post is a good one. Find it Here. I’m my feelings about how a certain journey has ended for me and I’m not really thrilled about it. I’ll be contributing every Wednesday and I’d love it for you to follow along!