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Simple Pieces for Your Not so Simple Babe

Friday, November 30, 2018

As we are getting  close to the end of the year I have been doing a lot of soul searching. I shared on Instagram on of my favorite podcast to listen to at the moment. Allie Casazza has such great tips on her blog and podcast where she talks about simplifying your life. She talks about how to stop cleaning up after you children's childhood and start being preset. That probably makes any mama take a deep breath and realize that a lot of time can be spent tiding homes, washing laundry and doing the dishes. 

I joke with my husband all of the time about becoming "minimalist". I'm only half joking though. I started our decluttering process a few weeks ago. It has been so freeing to get rid of the things we don't need or even use. 

When I started this process I realized I didn't need for my children to have fifty thousand pieces of clothing. WHY does it feel like they have so many? Maybe it's because I have three children. I just realized they don't need it all. They need pieces they will wear often. We all know how fast our babies grow (even though I hate to admit it!) 

So I encourage you to start small. I went through their clothes, hung the pieces we are keeping, made a donate box and a resale box. Let's be honest mama's- having a resale option for your babies clothing is huge. I use the app Kidizen. It's such an easy way to snap pics, post them and sell your gently loved pieces to other mama's. If you register be sure to use my referral code! zyc0n

I list our items so that I can replace with other things we need. With AP being eight months old she doesn't have an abundance of clothing. Which is great because she doesn't need them! Recently I found some pieces that screamed her "style" and I snagged them right up. 

Georgia Pocket Dress: Find it HERE.

Olive Top: Find it HERE.

Charcoal Overall Dress: Find it HERE.

Mustard Baby Doll Top: Find it HERE.

I love the simplicity of them. I just find it important to make the simple things "enough" these days. Not always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest can take a serious weight off of your shoulders.