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Designing A Nursery In Three Simple Steps

Monday, October 22, 2018

I have never been one of those moms who prepare's the baby's nursery months in advance. Mainly because with our first baby we lived in a two bedroom apartment. We set up the crib and hung a ew things but she also shared a room with a five year year old little boy. We moved into our new house I loved setting up her nursery. At that point she was about 7-8 months old. That's totally not normal lol. Setting up a special nursery at 8 months!?

Fast forward to our second baby. We quickly outgrew that house and then three year old still had her sweet nursery. Our new baby boy shared a room with his older brother. A few months later we moved again and all three kids had their own rooms. Again I loved setting up the nursery for our sweet boy in our new house.

Now on to today!
When we found out we were expecting our latest  we weren't exactly sure what to do. We had H in the nursery and AR in her room with. If you remember on our Instagram I posted about her staying in our room in a portable crib. We got that set up before she made her arrival! Once she got here she slept in a rock in play. When she outgrew that we moved her to a bassinet right beside the bed. After that she went into the portable crib for a couple of months at the foot of our bed until we realized it was time. Every time one of us would get out of bed it would wake her up. So we decided it was time to move her to her nursery. But I knew we had to make it special! It had been brother's nursery- filled with all of the little sports pictures and boy things.

I started looking into ways we could make this space special. This being my last baby- I wanted her to have the most perfect nursery. Thats when Rock Mountain Decals came into play. Did you know that you can make a space in your home unique and personal without having to spend a lot of time and effort changing it up? Rocky Mounting Decals is a company that create removable wall paper and decals. I had a vision in my head about what I wanted in to look like. Everything pink and girly!

For AP's nursery we went with the Peony Flower Wall Stickers. You can find them HERE. They are the perfect addition to any little girls room! I also wanted to add a personal touch so I got a Name Decal. You can customize it with different fonts and colors.

Here are THREE simple ways you can design a nursery-

1. Find a theme and don't overthink it. With all of our kiddos we never had a true theme. I looked on Pinterest, got ideas and put something together. Don't overthink it!

2. Find a couple of timeless pieces- These Pottery Barn chairs are great. They add a sweet touch to the space and it's also something they can use for years to come. THESE are on sale! Get some great crib sheets, an amazing quilt and your all set.

3. Personalize it- Decals are easy touches to put on the nursery to give it a unique feel. The Rocky Mountain decals we use are removable. You can change them up from time to time. Your baby's nursery can grow as he/she grows.

Thank you to Rocky Mountain Decals for sponsoring today's post!