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Goodbye Summer! A Little Life Update

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Wondering where we have been? Well life got very overwhleming ver fast. A couple of months ago i felt like I was dominating this whole mom of three thing but then life happened. Isn't that always the way is goes? Every time this happens I do what's best for myself. I take a step back and unplug. The end of July Barrett started football. Our summer was crazy. Barrett's schedule is as hectic as always which left me being am extremely busy mama. So I decided to just close my computer and spend the rest of the summer with my babies. 

It was a busy time and we were all ready for the routine of back to school time. AR and H both started school again a few days ago. AP and I are getting in our groove being at home during the day and things are feeling great. Now on to the life updates! 

AP had her four month checkup and it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Let me start by saying she is perfectly healthy! With all three we started day one with breastfeeding and it always came easy for us. I know this isn't the case for everyone. I'm so thankful for that. AP has always been our tiniest baby since birth. As you can tell she looks perfect (Rolls for days!) but after going into the room and waiting to see her doctor the nurse wanted to re check her weight. Which I immediately thought, "Well something is clearly going on." 

When our pediatrician came in he showed us where AP was on the charts. Everything was right on track except for her weight. She hasn't gained nearly anything in two months. We go back in two weeks for a weight check. We would very much appreciate some prayers and good vibes our way. I will be sure to blog about this more as we continue to work on gaining weight and what our next steps are. 

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Now Birthdays! FOUR out of six of our family members have August birthdays so you can imagine how busy that has kept us. AR's is next and then we are off the hook until Spring time.