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Babies Don't Keep: Baby Update and Current Favorites

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

"A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty."

There's just something about having your third baby.. This pregnancy took us by surprise. I didn't think I was ready for number three. Two toddlers was enough at the moment. This pregnancy was hard. I was working full time, Barrett's schedule was out of control, I was trying to maintain all while raising babies. My whole pregnancy I cried, I was miserable and swore to Barrett this was it. No more. But the truth is- this is my favorite season of life. Being young, taking care of a husband and what seems like a million babies. It's just what I was meant to do. After I had AR I was ready for my pre-baby body.  I know that's how it is for most first time moms. After number two I felt the same way but it was a few months later. I was giving them bottles left and right so I could have the option to leave them with someone else if I needed to. The thought of them only breastfeeding and not taking a bottle freaked me out. With AP I feel like I can't be without her but for a little while. She's 100 percent mama obsessed and I don't hate it. 

My third pregnancy we went back and fourth the entire time about what we would do. This was my third c-section and we thought we would probably end up getting my tubes tied. I talked to friends that have had it done, we talked to my doctor about it but I just couldn't do it. The thought of never being pregnant again or having another baby scared me. 

Having two older kiddos I see how quickly this time goes by. Here we are with a almost six year old and a three year old! If AP is our last baby then she is the last. If we have one more then we have one more (or two ha!) The truth is- this season is my favorite and I just couldn't see it ending. 

It's been over a month since my last post but you can probably imagine how chaotic life around here has been. Now that summer is here I'm trying to adjust to having all of the kiddos home full time. 
Our sweet Anne Purser is ten weeks old! I still can't believe we thought we wanted to wait to have her a few years later. We can plan but God just laughs! Barrett and I both agree we think we need one more baby (but this time REALLY in a few years. Please God! lol) 

A quick little update on what's been going on. Anne Purser is growing like a weed but still our tiniest baby yet. I just love it! She's eleven pounds and 21 inches long. She's still exclusively breastfeeding and sleeping abut 11 hours every night. I've talked about it before but I have to say again- The moms on call app is the BEST. We have followed it from the time she was about a month old and it is working like a charm. She's taking great naps, nursing every three to four hours and sleeping like a champ at night. If you are a "schedule" kind of mama I highly recommend it. 

We took our first beach trip with her a few weeks ago and she did great. I am a firm believer in "going with the flow" when you have children. We take ours everywhere from day one. Now when we go on a trip or out to eat they don't skip a beat because they are so use to it. For our beach trip we just set up all of the night time necessities like they are at home. We are still using the dockatot and honestly I'm not sure how we survived without it our first two babies! 


Linking a few of my favorite nursing friendly tops and dresses- and of course are great even if you aren't nursing.