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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Starting A Routine for Your Newborn

Hey y'all! It's been one whole month with our itty bitty girl and we are in heaven. We are adjusting as a big family and mama is finally feeling like I've got this "mom" thing under control (well a little). The older two are in school for a few more weeks before they are out for summer and then I might really go crazy. 

I'm all about a schedule for my babies. If that's not your thing thats cool too! For us it just works best.   While we love "schedules" we don't start them until our babies are around 8-12 weeks. What we do like to establish though is a routine. I usually try to start working a routine into our day when our babies are about 3-4 weeks. I've learned the first couple of weeks are "go with the flow" weeks. For the first two weeks I live in pjs and the baby and I hang out in bed most of the day. It one of my favorite times! 

Establishing a routine and schedule has always worked for us. All of my children still love bed time and sleep. Maybe it's just them but if they miss a nap or don't get enough hours at night our days get thrown off and mama feels like she might go insane lol. 

Our routine is really simple and stress free. We go by the "three hour easy" for the most part. We do a little of the baby wise plus moms on call and it seems to work great for me. My main tip is stick to a firm bedtime routine! We still do this for all of our kiddos. We just do a simple suppertime, bath, books, prayers hugs and kisses! 

I have started a routine with AP the last two weeks and she's adjusting to it really well. She wakes up and nurses about 6am and then usually falls back asleep at around 6:30. We leave to take the kids to school about 7:30 and she naps. We usually get home around 8. She then eats and then naps a good two hours. The cycle pretty much repeats itself. Wake up, nurse, awake time for about 3o minutes to an hour and then nap. 

Starting a routine for our newborns is so important to us because it helps us get them on a schedule by three months. I'm happy to say that all of ours sleep 12 hours a night at 12 weeks! After a few sleep deprived months it brings me back to life. 

Another tip is to get them up and moving during awake time. AP usually naps in our room (which is her room right now too) so when she's awake I like to bring her in the living room where there is a ton of natural light. Our DockATot Delux is such a huge part in our awake time. We use the Toy Bar during this time too! We also move to DockATot to her crib for naps and she sleeps like a pro. 

We love our routine but I always go off of the baby's cues. Sometimes she doesn't want to sleep unless she is on mama and sometimes we nurse around the clock. Which is perfectly fine by me. These days are so very precious! Enjoy all of the snuggles while you can. 

A huge thank you to DockATot for sponsoring todays post!