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Welcome to the World Anne Purser

Saturday, April 21, 2018

April 5th 2018 we welcomed our sweet bitty girl Anne Purser to the world. 
Born at 9:21am 
Weighing 6 pounds and 14 ounces 
19 inches long

She's our tiniest baby yet and she's beyond perfect! 

This pregnancy seemed to last forever but looking back it went by so fast and I still can't believe we already have our sweet girl here. 

I wanted to share some pictures and just a little bit about the day she was born. We have been loving on our sweet angel for two whole weeks now! 

April 4th 2018 
The day before we had family come into town and it made that next day perfect. Living a long distance from any family really gets tough. Especially for a mama with babies and a hard working daddy. We spent the night visiting and getting ready to meet our bitty girl! 

April 5th 2018 
Barrett and I left the house a little after five that morning. We expected to have a baby a little after eight. We went through all of the steps and waited for them to take us back. I kept asking Barrett "What time is it!?" Our doctor got stuck in terrible traffic on his way to the hospital due to a wreck so that made me ever MORE anxious. Finally they took us back and we were ready to have a baby.

With all three babies we have delivered in different towns, different hospitals and three different doctors. I'd have to say this c-section was by far the best experience and easiest. Our doctor did his best to make it an enjoyable experience and it was. With my first c-section I had been in labor all day so by the time we had her everything was just a blur. The seconds one was a lot better knowing what to expect and this one was a breeze. Barrett thinks it's so awesome that they had "good" music playing and just chit chatting away during the whole thing. He makes sure to tell me all of the comments that were made like "mover her bladder over here" I cringed when he talks about it!

If you have been following along form the beginning of this pregnancy then you know we waited to find out what we were having. It was THE BEST thing we have ever done. Having a new baby is such a joyous thing alone but there was so much anticipation leading up to the birth that it made it that much more exciting.

The whole pregnancy I just knew we were having a boy. I had a feeling from day one. Barrett had been saying girl all along.  I knew I was going to get to prove him wrong! Mama's just always know right? Well not in this case. I think because I secretly was wanting another baby girl that I had my mind made up it was a boy. So when the doctor asked what our final guess what I said boy and barrett said girl. A few seconds later we heard the sweetest little cry. I think I asked "What is it!?" five different times. He brought her around the corner held her up and said "It's a girl!"

I of course missed all of the action when the family got to meet her but I was told everyone was over the moon! She gave us a little bit of a scare after she was born. Being a c-section baby she had a little too much fluid in her lungs after the birth. The nurses and Barrett were both so great at reassuring me everything was fine. After a some time in the nursery and a little oxygen she was good to go!

We have been enjoying our time home and trying to adjust. The older kids are doing well. They all want to love on her 24/7

Thank you for all of the love and support over the past months during the pregnancy and our first couple of weeks! All of the comments, calls and texts have meant so much!