Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cleaning Up After Life's Messy Moments

Cleaning Up After Life's Messy Moments with Libman 

We will officially be a family of six tomorrow morning. It is such an exciting time in our lives. One of my goals before baby was born was to have our toddler potty trained. It is with MUCH excited that I announce we are out of diapers (until tomorrow that is)! When we found out about our newest arrival nine months ago I immediately thought about having two in diapers. Thankfully we will one have one. 

I had no idea the difference between potty training a girl and a boy. With Addie River she using the potty in no time. We started at eighteen months and she was completely trained by two. Hayes was a different story. Next month he will be three. One thing I found helpful when it came time to potty train him was letting him get involved. We have been striving to make sure he feels like a "big boy" before the baby comes.

When we started this journey I wanted him to be able to "help" clean up and honestly I think it has made the training easier! When I headed to the store to pick up all of the potty training necessities I made sure to grab a Libman Wonder Mop. The thing I love about the wonder mop is how easy it is to use on all surfaces and that it can be machine washed up to 50 times making it perfect for cleaning up those messy accidents. 

You can get $3 off by signing up for The Libman Company newsletter so you can also embrace life's messy moments! 


  1. Yay on getting your child potty trained before baby & on the new baby! so exciting! That mop looks like it makes your life a little bit easier with cleaning up toddler messes.

  2. I need a new mop! Mine is literally falling apart, lol.

  3. It's kind of funny how children don't learn to use potty as early as my generation did. I was out of the dippers at 11 months.
    Anyway, good luck with this.


  4. That mop looks amazing! I love how determined you were to potty train your toddler before your baby arrived. Now you don't need to buy so many diapers!

  5. love your mop! We are about to start the potty training soon!

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