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Infant and Toddler Shared Diaper Bag

Saturday, February 10, 2018

It’s been a while y’all. After the new year I had all of the intentions of writing at least one post a week but this pregnancy is wearing this mama down! We are less than eight weeks away from meeting this new babe and I don’t have the first thing ready. Not a thing. Oh except for the diaper bag! With this being the third baby I feel like I’ve become a pro at the diaper bag packing. After having baby number two I realized that I not only needed stuff in my bag for the baby but also the toddler. It took me a couple of months to figure this out the first time. There were days I ended up taking a diaper bag, a toddler backpack and a purse places and realized I was just making it way too difficult on myself.

A couple of months ago I started looking for a diaper bag that would not only be functional as a mom of three five and under but wouldn’t cramp my style. Let’s face it, Mama’s still want to feel fabulous and put together somedays! I’m a lover of oversized bags and purses so when I found Lily Jade I was in awe. I love a diaper bag that doesn’t well look like a diaper bag. The bag we decided to go with was one that if I happened to go somewhere without the kiddos for a little while I didn’t need to change over all of my stuff to another purse- perfect right?

Now let’s talk about what we keep in our bag. Like I said I pretty much feel like a pro at “sharing a bag” with your babies. The inside of our Lily Jade has an organizer that makes it easy to separate the infant’s things with the toddler’s things. The organizer also comes out so when your leave your babes you can pull out the organizer and you are good to go! Everything is still in its place and you are left with a stylish bag.

In the bag: For baby
Nursing cover
Extra clothes
Extra swaddle
Diapers and wipes (duh right?)
A ring sling carrier

In the bag: For Toddler
SNACKS (don’t even leave home with them!)
Change of clothes
Pull ups
A favorite toy
A comfort toy (lovie for the win!)

In the bag: For mama and big sister
The essentials (wallet, keys, etc)
Snacks- granola bars/peanut butter crackers (I tend to forget to eat before we go out, no one needs a mama with love blood sugar)
Our all natural “clean hands” spray
A few of our must have essential oils

I know what you are thinking- geez that’s a lot! Well our Lily is perfect for keeping it all together and helping mama keep her sanity. If you are on the hunt for a bag you can find your Lily Jade here