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How Infant Sleep Training Helped us with Transitioning Our Toddler Out of his Crib

Sunday, February 18, 2018

This post was sponsored by DockATot.

How We Transitioned Our Toddler Out of His Crib

We are slowing getting this ready over here to welcome our new additions in seven weeks or less. Sleep training is something we do with all of our babies when they are small and I wanted to share why we choose to do it + how it has helped transition our toddler out of his crib into a "big boy bed" 

Some parents don't agree with sleep training and I want to throw this out their at the beginning. My husband and I call it "sleep training" but to be honest we haven't read a book about it. When we had our first I found a "Sleep Training" schedule on Pinterest and we just sort of gave it a shot. I'll have another post up about the schedule we use in the next couple of weeks. I want to talk about some of the main things we did and how it has helped us tremendously with sleeping habits! 

I feel like this plays such a huge roll in getting your baby to sleep through the night. Our babies stay in our room for close to six months. The same type of environment we have in our room is the same way we have it in their nursery. 

 A diffuser- We have an Essential Oils diffuser is every bedroom of our home. We fill it with different oils at night time that helps us have a better nights sleep. We couldn't go without it! 
The diffusers we use for our bedrooms are perfect for sleep. They have a run time of either 6 or 12 hours. This particular one changes colors throughout the night or you can choose one color. We always set it one a blue and it is the PERFECT night light. You can find the one we love here 

 A sound machine- Seriously, another must have. Again all of our bedrooms have one and we have since day one. The one we use in the kids rooms is linked here. It has a projector and will project sweet pictures all night. It has several different "sounds" to choose from. We either use the white noise or rain but this one also has lullabies. 


Babies and children love a routine. Hey let's face it- parents love when their babies are one a schedule! We still do the same type of bedtime routine for our kids that we did when they were babies. It doesn't have to be another major. Just something simply and routine.

 An early bedtime- We have always out ours to bed around the same time every night. It makes it easy for their little bodies to function throughout the day. Mama and Daddy also get alone time every night. 

This last one brings me to our beloved DockATot. When we decided to move Hayes out of his crib I knew it would be an adjustment but wanted to make it as smooth as possible. We kept his routine the same and instead of having the comfort of the crib rails he know has the comfort of his DockATot! It has been a huge help in the transition to his "Big boy bed" Now when we travel or for naps out of his bed we aren't worried about pack n plays- we just pack up or more the DockATot and he is has happy as can be.