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Second Trimester Update - Weeks 12-14

Monday, October 16, 2017

As I'm writing this I'm currently in bed feeling well not so great. So many people have been asking me "How are you feeling!?" to which I reply, "Great now that I'm in the second trimester!" 
But today I've been in bed for a few hours feeling all kinds of nauseous. UGH. Pregnancy is such a crazy thing. 

Before today the second trimester had been going pretty great. No nausea, just tired all day everyday.

We had our doctors appointment today and everything is going great. My doctor told me that it looks like we will be having a baby sometime around the 4th, 5th or 6th of April. That make it REALLY sink in. All this time I'm thinking I have until almost the end of April to prepare. We would be able to find out the gender at the next appointment BUT we are sticking to our guns and are determined until the birth to find out.

I didn't buy many maternity clothes my last pregnancy. I had a few which mainly consisted of Target shirts and Old Navy materinty tights. I wasn't working then so my OOTD was usually the same everyday. This pregnancy I'm Thrilled to have Pink Blush Maternity to fill my closet with the best maternity clothes! This floral chiffon maxi is going to be my go to dress for fall this year!

Also if you are expecting and looking for a little "Pick me up" surprise each trimester then you'll have to grab your Bump Box. Bump Boxes is a subscription service that provides you with some really fun goodies each trimester. I got my first trimester box a few weeks ago and LOVED it. It was filled with an adorable water bottle, a bath bomb, face wash and more.

Have a great week!