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Back to School Must Haves

Sunday, September 17, 2017

We have been in school for weeks now but it's never to late to share our back to school favorites! Hayes still isn't in school so this post is dedicated all to Addie Rivers. I asked her what her favorites were and she made sure to let me know (I've also linked a few items below that mama loves) You might get a little laugh out of this post. 

#1. Ice Cream Scissors!- I've searched all over the web and can't seem to find those ridiculous ice cream scissors she just HAD to have. Here are a few other prints that I think are just as adorable. 

#2. Jellabee Dress- This pink and white stripped dress from Jellaba is a must if you have a little girl. Addie Rivers says it's the "comfiest dress EVER" It's currently on sale! 
Shop it here. (this is the dress featured in the photos)

#3. Play Doh- Hello can you ever go to kindergarten without Play Doh!?
 Get it here

#4. Cozy Jacket's- "Because mom K5 is always FREEZING. Our room is like the North pole!" 
find her favorite here

#5. "Your Best Snuggle Buddy"- Nap times away from home aren't the easiest. Finding your "Best snuggle buddy" can make it so much better! ( I checked out AR's cubby at school last week. I'm pretty sure she has a least ten snuggle buddies in there) 

And last one of our favorites is Live Loo's Hair Bows. Jennifer is always coming out with the cutest prints and styles! Our go to is the Ryan Bow! (Also featured in the photos)

We hope you enjoyed this post and giggled a little. Five year old girls are the best!