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Be Inspired: Inspiration For the Stay at Home/Working Mom

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This post was sponsored by thredUP. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

What Inspires you? Well for me I can say it's my supportive husband and tiny loves that inspire me on a daily basis but you probably already know this! I'm sure you all have things that inspire you. 
For me other the the obvious husband and babies, it's really simple. As a blogger I find that having an awesome workspace inspires my writing. 

For the longest time I didn't have a office or even a desk for that matter! I would grab my computer and sit any where. It was hard to get my creative juices flowing when I could hear Peppa Pig in the background. So a few months ago I made it happen. Now I don't have an actual office- my workspace is in our dining room, which I might had that we hardly ever use. I knew that in order for me to create the things I wanted, I needed a space that was just mine. 

Every few weeks I like to switch it up. As a mom that works from home I feel like it's so important to have a place that is yours. I switch out the magazines that I have on my desk, the pens ( does this seem so ridiculous?) and wardrobe that sits beside my desk. Now you might think that last one is silly but I LOVE IT. I change out the clothes and accessories and it honestly makes me feel awesome. I go through my closet, find things that i'm loving and switch out the wardrobe! This is the exact reason I love thredUP. Before I was a wife and a mother I had no issues buying things I wanted. Cute new pair or shoes? Done. Things changed drastically when I started having babies. I would see something and fall it love with it. I would quickly have to remind myself, "You probably don't need that exact same dress you already have in three different colors." 

With thredUP I don't have to think about that. I can use some of my free time shopping online at thredUP and not have to tell myself I don't need it. With the amazing name brand things they have at such amazing prices I am always able to find a few things I love. 

So remember, you might be like me and not need five full price dresses in different colors. BUT you can find five different dresses at thredUP for about the price of one of your other dresses. Check out that adorable Nicole Miller bag! Yep, Curtesy of thredUP.  Adorable right? 

Be inspired. By whatever it is you love. My third being amazing clothes and accessories lol. (sorry not sorry)