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LIFE LATELY: July 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Monday Friends! 

We have been a little MIA this past week on the blog and on social media so I just wanted to give you  a little update about what's going on in our world, why I've been absent and a few upcoming things. 
If you didn't know this already, my husband, Barrett is a headmaster of a school. So more or less he pretty much runs a school which means he is BUSY. Before becoming a headmaster he was a football coach and taught history classes. Then he stepped into the role of high school principal and football coach. Now he's a headmaster AND a football coach. 

Barrett and I have always been supportive about each others dreams. We are both getting to do exactly what we want everyday. Before moving here he was busy but not nearly the way it is now. 

Football season is here and that means we will hardly EVERRRR see him. Ok, I'm kidding but it's crazy. I feel like a broken record saying it but we live in a city where we have no family. This past year has been the busiest year yet with his career and we are coming up on year two. 

Long story short we took some much needed family time this past week. I had a few scheduled blog post to get put up but after that I decided to take a week off. A little time off of social media and some time away from the blog just to spend time with family before the roller coaster of football season started. So this past Wednesday we packed up and headed to the beach for a vacation with some of my family! I didn't post much on social media and didn't really look at it either.     

We had a long seven hour drive to Destin. During that time Barrett and I spent a lot of time talking about what we can do to cut out distractions during this busy season. One of my guilty pleasures is social media, hello I'm a blogger- I can't go without! But not being on social media as much. During the night I'm so terrible ( like the rest of the world) of scrolling through instagram and Facebook. Or once Barrett falls asleep I'll catch up on twenty five episodes of House Hunters. Sometimes thats the ONLY alone time I have to watch TV. Family is so very important to us and even though these few months are about to be hectic we are determined to cut out distractions so the time we do have together we can focus on just being present in the moment. That means putting the phones away (for the post part) when Barrett gets home at night. I've also been waking up earlier than the kids every morning and it is a game changer! Drinking my coffee in peace at 6:30 am is so relaxing (and sometimes the only alone time this mama has) 

So that's where we have been! A little time unplugged from the internet world, soaking in so much family time and making sweet memories. It's so refreshing and I think everyone should try it. Even if you aren't a blogger and your job doesn't require you to be online a lot of the time just try it! Try starting your day spending time with your hubby, babies or whoever before you reach for your phone to browse. I am saying this to myself too! 

Now for what's to come. We have a lot of fun post coming up for the rest of the summer. Lot's of family post, motherhood post and fashion post. AND........ I'm firing up the youtube channel again. Last year I posted a few videos here and there but decided to delete them. They were all over the place and to be honest I was so not confident in front of the camera, even when it was just myself and the camera. I've put a lot of thought into it and realized I love sharing little snips from our days. Plus I am SO inspired by other moms on youtube. 

So that's where I've been. Enjoying my precious family because they will always be my number one. As always thanks for following along on this journey with me! Let me know what types of post and videos you want to see!