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The essentials- What's in my bag

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Let's be honest. We all love to see what other girls are carrying around in there purses and diaper bags. Sometimes I look down and realize I'm carrying around two week old snacks, about 50 target receipts, and a tube of lipstick that is missing a top. 

Come on y'all it happens. As a part of my new "let's be more organized" life I wanted to show you what's in my bag these days. Now that I don't have a tiny babe (cue all the tears) I can get away with using one big bag for all of us!

My first bit of advice. If you want to make any bag a diaper bag, you'll be so much better off if you have a diaper bag divider. This is so helpful so you aren't sending 30 minutes searching for one item.

1. Find a bag you love you use it everyday! Don't feel like you need to sacrifice your cute style to carry a diaper bag. 

2. Your bag divider. This is the key essential piece if you want to use a purse and not a diaper bag and trust me it's a life saver. 

3. The "babies" and the pacifier"s . If I forget either one of these things our day is pure misery! 

4. The mama necessities. The lipstick, the Rose Water and the wine. 

Wait what? totally kidding about that one. (Not really)

5. SNACKS.  Just don't forget this one ok?

6. and last but very important- the sunblock and the bug spray
(this one from Beautycounter is great. We love it for the whole fam) 

I hope this post is helpful if your trying to figure out some new things to throw in the bag!
As always you can shop any of the items we use my clicking on the links or down below-

Have a great Tuesday!