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Tips on Updating Your Closet, On A Budget!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Like any girl I have a serious love for clothes. It probably doesn't help much with this obsession that I'm a blogger :) I've recently started updating my closet for Spring and Summer. I've got a few key pieces that hang around from season to season but this season I've got a few blogger events/other things to attend so it's crucial I give my closet a mini face lift! These are a few tip and tricks I've learned along the way to help revamp your closet on a budget.

Tip #1 Do Your Research
You might be raising your eyebrow at this one but it was the most important for me! Research the latest trends. Follow your favorite fashion bloggers. I spent some free time going through the blogs of some of my favorite Fashion Bloggers and just getting ideas of whats in this season. 

Tip #2 Don't go above your budget 
I know I know, I'm totally guilty of doing this from time to time. You see something fabulous and you HAVE to have it. $400 dollars later and you realize that four hundred could have gone a long way. Now don't get me wrong- there is always time for designer! But for me these are more investment pieces. 

Tip #3 Stick To The Basics 
I love getting few pieces but I also love stocking up on the basics! I'm always sure to get pieces I can wear and style several different ways. 

Tip #4 Buy Online 
 You're probably thinking "well duh" don't all women online shop? Well of course! For me- I'm much more likely to shop online, fill up my cart and then cancel a few things before I place an order. If I walk into a store I'm much more likely to go over budget. I get caught up in the adorable clothes. Bring about 50 to the dressing room and then realize my total is a couple hundred dollars more that I wanted! 

Tip #5 Sell and Buy
One of my main tips is to SELL the clothing you don't wear. Go through your closet, if you haven't worn it in a year you probably won't wear it again. No worries though, someone else might! Try selling on sites like Postmark,Thredup, a local consignment shop, or on your social media! You'll get some extra cash to put towards those new things! 

xoxo, Ryann