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Why We Want Books to Be an Important part of our Children's Lives

Monday, February 20, 2017

A few weeks ago I got to school a little early to pick up AR. They were having story time and I found her right up front, soaking in her teachers every word. She loves books and has since day one. The same goes for H. Any time we are playing he runs over to his stack of his books. He usually picks up the Peppa Pig one (his absolute favorite). "Mama Peppa Booooook" are his usual words. Although we can only make it a couple of pages before he is one to the next thing. I think it's so important for my children to always want to read. I don't ever want them to feel forced to read in their teen and adult years. I want them to just love it and I know that love starts now. 

Reading them books daily and always letting them "read" to me  plays a huge factor in that. Of course like any family they watch tv. I'm not going to sugar coat it. Those days when I'm exhausted and need to get things done they will watch a movie. 

We aren't the family that owns an iPad. (although this mama really wishes I had one.) When we pack the bag to go out of the house I always encourage to kids to throw in a few books. While we are in the car, waiting at a resturant, or waiting in line some where they can look at books instead of always being glued to the phones watching youtube. Now of course there are moments when they are being crazies and we take out the iPhones way fast and turn on Disney Jr. I mean come on we are only human!

 Bookroo makes it easy for that to happen. They send you a monthly subscription box of books that are perfect for your baby. You can choose either board books or picture books. They are sweetly wrapped and my kiddos had so much fun opening them to find their books! 

I want these sweet little souls to group up knowing a world beyond electronics. I want them to grow up not depending on them. Alright mama's who's ready to raise little book worms!? 

Head over to Bookroo today to sign up for yours!