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Spring Weather Where are You featuring Angie's Boutique

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Tuesday Ladies! 

I love all things about Christmas, cozy sweaters and fires but after January the cold weather can just go on. Am I right? I'm sure everyone else in the south would agree with me. Freezing cold weather one day- 75 degrees the next. My sinuses are out of control! 

If you didn't know I wear about 30 hats. Seriously though, when I'm not blogging or running one of the businesses I'm a working girl. Some small towns aren't as fortunate as we are. Some have to travel 30 miles to get some really cute clothes but not us! Our small town is close to Oxford, MS and Memphis, TN and don't get me wrong I love good shopping  trip but its SO nice to have an amazing boutique here in our town. 

And I promise you I'm not jut saying this because I work at this store lol. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I send the babies to school and go to work. When I first started I just knew my paycheck would probably go right back to the clothing but post days I've learned to keep it together! 

The best past is we have an online store! Yep- so you don't have to live around here to get your hands on some of the latest trends. Just head over to the website, Facebook and instgram to check things out!