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Beauty Counter Must Haves

Friday, February 3, 2017

It's completely normal to fall off of the bandwagon from time to time. But to be honest it makes me a little sad how much our family did when we made our big move. It takes time to get back into a routine and get adjusted and I know that. Ya'll I'm a mama to precious little babies. Im not only trying to protect myself from harmful ingredients but our children are the future. We should be doing everything in our power to protect them and give them the best options, teach them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and just to be healthier over all. 

There are times I give into them having too much sugar. (like all moms do) 
I know everything in moderation is fine but the overall aspect of it is just frightening. Why do we choose to slather them in cheap body wash and lotion? Read the ingredients. do your research. 

I'm not writing this to freak everyone out but to offer you a better option. 

Beautycounter is out there for a reason. It's because people are finally realizing how terrible some of the ingredients we use are. Beautycounter will help ensure that you are making the best choices when it comes to your cosmetics, face wash, hair care, and babies skin care. 

I'm here to help you find those! Ladies let's all take a stand and start taking better care of ourselves and our families. 

Some of my favorite products are the tint skin foundation, the charcoal bar, the blush palette, and of course the entire baby line! 

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