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Happy Friday- Featuring Nora's Nursery

Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Friday friends! 

These past two weeks have been CRAZY. We were dealing with two sick babies and now this mama thinks she's coming down with something. There should be a rule that mama's aren't aloud to get sick,  anyone else agree? 

Today we are featuring Nora's Nursery, our favorite cloth diapering company! 
 I have a little confession to make. We went a couple of months not using a single cloth diaper. You guys, football season is crazy around our house. I tend to get so overwhelmed and well it was just easier on me to go the disposable route. 

To be honest that's one of my favorite things about cloth diapers. You don't HAVE to use them every single day. We love them because they are convenient believe it or not! 

How adorable are these diapers? Don't they just scream fall/winter.