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How to throw an Awesome Peppa Pig Party!

Monday, September 5, 2016

We recently celebrated our baby girls' fourth birthday. I still can't believe she's four. 
Everyone tells you how fast time flies when you have your own babies but you just don't believe it until you see it for yourself. 

AR has been a Peppa Pig fanatic for about the past four years. For the longest time she spoke with an english accent when she referred to Peppa and honestly it was the cutest thing EVER. 

She has been telling us for the past sixth months she wanted to have a Peppa Pig party. OMG how cute right!? Yeah I thought so too until I started researching Peppa decorations. Pretty much all I found were bundles of decorations on Amazon that had t be shipped from Japan. Not literally but you get the picture but this mama was not about to let down her soon to be four year old! 

I took a day and searched Pinterest up and down and found some of the best ideas. A huge thank you to Britney Ashmore from for sending me the link to her sweet girls Peppa party. It had some of the best ideas! Be sure to go check theirs out as well. 

After I got some great ideas I took a trip to The Dollar Tree to get tons of crafts. Twenty five dollars later and I left with a buggy full of paper, streamers, poster boards, glue and markers. Five hours of non stop crafting and we had ourselves a house full of Peppa decorations!

I know some people don't like the idea of having birthday parties at home but I couldn't think f anything more perfect. I think being at home with your friends and family and making memories is the best kind of party. 

All of the decorations were made from products from the Dollar Tree. Literally 25.00 dollars for decorations! For the food we just went by the "Peppa Pig" theme. We had a Potato city, muddy puddles, goldy fish, and Peppa sandwiches in the shape of "teddy bears and dinosaurs" Peppa and George's favs of course. All of the printable were from Pinterest. I searched Peppa printables and these were free! For the cake and cupcakes- We made boxed cake mix and homemade butter creme icing. The cake toppers were Peppa Pig figures and the cupcake toppers were printables. 
Mix that all together and you've got an awesome Peppa Pig party!