Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nine Months Old

Ethan is nine months old! 

As usual, he's mostly a very happy & easy baby.  He loves to eat.  He always cries when his bottle runs out - no matter how much we give him.  But he gets over it quickly.  And we haven't found a food he doesn't like at least yet.

He had a rough patch a few weeks ago with his sleeping.  He'd wake up several times a night crying & wouldn't put himself back to sleep like he normally does.  He basically just wanted to be held.  If you were holding him, he would sleep just fine.  But the second you put him down, it was like his world was ending.  It usually would take two hours or more before you could finally put him in his bed with no tears.  It made for some very long nights (and tired days).  He seems to be over it now, thank goodness, but I don't want to brag too much in case it resurfaces - ha!

Everything went great at his nine month check up.  He's still 50th percentile in height & weight & is now 75th percentile in head circumference.  He weighs 19 pounds - little chunk!  I love it (except when I'm hauling him around in the car seat).  The doctor said he has several teeth about to poke through, so maybe that contributed to his sleeping issues.  I knew the top two were close but it sounds like there's more on the way.  He even did great with his shots - he barely cried & was over it within seconds.

Speaking of teeth, it seems we have a little biter on our hands.  Ethan loves to bury his head into your shoulder & chomp down.  It does not feel good!  And he thinks it's funny when you holler in pain.  I've started sternly telling him - no no, no biting!  He looks so wounded & makes a face like he's about to cry but it's completely an act, which makes me laugh & negates my reprimand.  Little stinker!

He's getting really good at standing by himself.  He does it best when he doesn't notice he's not holding on to anything but he can balance for sometimes 10 seconds!  Then he'll fall toward you, laughing & grabbing on to you.  He hasn't quite figured out he needs to take a step forward to get closer - he just free falls & hopes you'll catch him (which of course we do).  It keeps us entertained!

It makes me wonder if next month I'll be writing about his first steps.  Slow down, baby!  We're in no hurry!

I didn't get a great picture of the two boys this month.  Ethan wasn't really in the mood & kept trying to crawl out of the chair.  But I got a cute one of Alex by himself!

Up next - Ethan's first Halloween!  One of my favorite holidays!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

They are both so cute!! His little personality sounds so sweet!!