Friday, September 30, 2011

Throwback Thursday (on Friday)

Well, I'm a day late but I wanted to post this anyway, since now the dates about correspond with where we are this year.  Maybe I can keep this up & it will lead up to Alex's birth around his first birthday!

October 1st
Bought the striped fabric & blue minky fabric for the baby bedding today .  Another thing we can check off the list!  I took a shower that evening & was HORRIFIED to discover I had a cankle.  My right foot/ankle was swollen (the left one was a little swollen but not much).  DISGUSTING.  You couldn’t even really see my ankle bones.  That’s just wrong.  I about had a breakdown.  I can’t have cankles already!!  I still have over two months left.  I don’t have cankle appropriate shoes.  Especially for fall/winter weather.  My shoes are so important to me – I definitely wasn’t ready to give them up.  I keep telling Michael I’m going to have to start wearing Crocs or clogs.  Blech.  I’d rather wear Wal-Mart house shoes.  What if my feet get bigger & don’t go back down?!?  I cannot lose my shoe collection!  UGH.

October 2nd
Cankle update: glad to report the swelling has gone down & I appear to have normal ankles again.  *Sigh of relief*  Michael & I signed up to take a childbirth & delivery class with my nurse at my doctor’s office.  She does the class the first Saturday of every month, but we have the OSU/Baylor game in November.  I wasn’t looking forward to the class but I was glad to get it done with.  I was nervous about watching the actual childbirth video.  I wanted to go out in the hall (with Michael – he would freak if he saw that), but didn’t want to feel stupid.  Michael ended up having to work in the morning before the class but he was supposed to be done by 9 (when the class started).  He went in to work at 6:45 & called me a little after 8 saying it was taking a lot longer & he wouldn’t be done by 9.  Ugh!  He suggested that we reschedule but that would mean we either take a different class through the hospital or risk missing some or all of the Baylor game.  Plus, I really just wanted to be done with it.  We decided that I would go to the class & he would get to a stopping point, join me & then go back to work to finish later.  I was nervous that I was going to feel really awkward, but when I got to the class, I was the only one there.  Kristin (my nurse) said it was going to be a really small class since the OU/Texas game was that day.  There were only three couples signed up (she usually has up to eight).  I told her Michael would be coming & going for work, but she said that was fine.  One of the couples didn’t show, so it ended up just being us & one other couple.  It was really nice because I didn’t feel as awkward when Michael wasn’t there.  It worked out just fine!  Michael got there a little after 9:30, left again around 10:45 & came back a little after noon.  Part of what he missed was 30 minutes of lunch when we just chatted & ate, so he actually didn’t miss that much of the class.  He was there for the childbirth video but he just looked at our handout & I looked at the ground.  It was over fast & I didn’t see anything traumatic.  The class ended up being better than I expected.  I didn’t have to get on the ground & practice positions or breathing or anything.  It was informal & I felt comfortable asking questions.  A pediatrician came after lunch, so we could ask her questions.  Then we finished the class by taking a tour of the hospital.  We saw a delivery room & the nursery.  We weren’t able to see the postpartum rooms since they’re still under construction but Kristin said they should be finished before December.  The postpartum rooms are apparently really small, but you can pay extra to get a big room if one’s available when you go in.  We haven’t decided if we want a big room or not.  There were no babies in the nursery – Kristin said most people keep the babies in their rooms now.  Forget that!  I’ve been told by friends & books to let the nursery keep the baby, so you can get as much sleep as possible.  The nurses won’t be there to help you when you go home, so take advantage while you can.  There was a baby that had just been born & that was being examined.  The family was on the other side of the glass & was so excited.  The dad was back with the baby.  So weird to think that will be us in a few months!!  The class stressed Michael out a little – I think it’s becoming very real to him.  He’s super nervous that he won’t be able to handle it or that he’ll pass out.  I’m surprisingly calm about the whole thing.  I just try not to think about the details & just remember that people do this everyday & it will be fine.  The staff at the hospital know what they’re doing & we’ll get through it.  I’m sure I’ll get more nervous closer to the due date, but I’ve remained fairly calm for the most part.  After the class, we went to the State Fair with Amanda to eat a ton of food.  We got really lucky & found a parking spot because a nice guy waved to us that there was an open spot down one row.  Sweet!  We stayed for several hours, ate, watched the dog show & checked out the sugar show.  We ate the following: fried cheese, corn dog, apple fries with caramel & whipped cream, Indian taco, steak sandwich, fresh lemonade, beer (not for me) & a funnel cake.  It was all REALLY good.  I was so full that all I ate the rest of the evening was an orange & I STILL wasn’t hungry when I woke up the next morning!

October 3rd – 30 weeks
Holy crap.  I only have 10 weeks left…  I’m almost in single digits – weird!  After yoga, Amanda came over to watch Dexter & we ate Papa John’s pizza.  Dexter was better than last week, so there’s still hope for the season.

Do you think my cankle ordeal was a bit of an overreaction?  I don't!  I still shudder at the thought.  I never realized how much I like my ankles until they got swollen.  Ick!

I don't regret looking away during the birthing video at all.  I'm glad I've never seen childbirth - even though I've done it myself now.  I still have no interest in seeing it whatsoever!  As far as the hospital nursery, we kept Alex in our room a lot the first night but that's mainly because I felt a little embarrassed to call the nurse too much.  But we took advantage more the second night.  I definitely recommend it!  You'll have plenty of time to snuggle & hold that little one when you go home & you're up with them all night - ha!

Anyone going to the state fair this weekend?  We thought about it, but will probably pass this year.  We have a busy week next week, so we're hoping to take it easy this weekend.  Although, reading about all the food we ate has me rethinking this decision...  J

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Day

 A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful dad - it's a big one this year, but I won't yell out his age in case he doesn't want the whole five people who read this blog to know - ha!

My dad was one of those fun dads growing up.  When we'd go to a pool or lake, he'd always launch us in the air or play "shark" where he'd swim under the water & grab our legs.  Other kids would always come up to him & ask him to throw them up in the air.  He'd also play a game with us where he'd turn off all the lights in our house (except for the kitchen & living room) & hide.  We'd have to go down the long hallway & search for him in each room.  He'd jump out & scare us - we loved it!

One of my favorite memories is when he comforted me when I was scared.  I had watched a scary movie (assuring my mom that I would NOT be scared when I went to bed - telling her I was very grown up & could handle it) & of course by the time night rolled around, I was scared.  When my dad tucked me in, I told him I was a little freaked out by the movie.  I still remember what he told me.  I was into the Care Bears when I was little & was growing out of this phase but still had a few in my room.  He asked me if I thought Care Bears were real & did I expect them to come marching into my room.  I laughed & said no - that's silly.  He said the movie was the same - no more real that cartoon Care Bears.  It was simple, but it got through to me.  Anytime I was laying in bed frightened, I just thought about Care Bears.  And hey - if anything, maybe the Care Bears would come protect me from a movie monster.  I'll even admit I use the same technique now when I'm going to bed & hear a random noise in the dark.  Nothing like imagining a plush, colorful bear to snap you out of it!

Alex LOVES my dad.  Being a fun dad, I always knew he'd be an even more amazing grandpa.  Alex always reaches for grandpa - he practically will jump out of your arms to get to him (even when his mama's holding him!)  We went to Beavers Bend (near Broken Bow) this weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday.  Michael caught a video of my dad entertaining Alex.


I'm not sure Michael & I make him laugh that hard!  I can't wait to see them together as Alex gets older & they can have even more fun together.

I'll end with a giant THANK YOU to my dad for all he's done.  I wouldn't be who I am without him.  I'm glad I could give him a grandchild to enjoy.  It's almost more fun to watch him with my son than it is to remember all the fun I had when I was little.  Almost, but not quite.  You just can't beat that hallway scaring game.  J

Love you, Dad!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nine Months!

It's taken me a week to get to this post but Alex is nine months old!  He's crawling, climbing, standing & even taking a few steps!  He can balance while standing for quite awhile & now will take 3-6 steps by himself before dropping down to crawl.  It probably won't be long until he's toddling around the house all the time.  Will that mean I have a toddler instead of a baby??  Not sure I'm ready for that!

He's babbling a lot & says dada & mama but I'm not sure it's on purpose (at least to reference Michael & me).  He also had a big development this past week.  He's been learning to wave his hands but this week he did it when I said "are you ready to go bye bye?" at Wal-Mart - on his own!  He's figured out the words "bye bye" mean wave your hand.  It's so cute!  He also can give high fives.  Genius school!

Once again, it was a challenge to get a good nine month photo.  But here's what I got!

 Making a break for it over the arm of the chair
 Luckily, there were some soft pillows (and mama helped too)
 Free from this silly photo shoot!
 This is what happens when you take a second to check your email on your iPad
 "What?  I'm not supposed to be up here?"
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Happy 7th Birthday to our sweet Sadie dog!

We adopted her when she was almost a year old.  I can't believe we've had her for six years now!  She's done really well with Alex.  I don't think she's a big fan but she tolerates him - ha.  She's even patient with him when he plays with her tail or paws.   I'm glad she's adjusted to this big change!  Maybe someday they'll be the best of friends.  J

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Someone learned a new trick the other day!

Michael & I give Alex raspberries but we've never done it to the couch - not sure where he learned this.  Cracks me up!

Friday, September 9, 2011


I got a very special envelope in the mail this week from my (almost six year old) niece Lauryn.

How cute is she??  I love her picture - just two stylish gals on the beach.  Plus, she addressed the envelope herself - pretty impressive!

I have to admit - this makes me want a little girl.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad Alex was a boy & I love him to pieces but Lauryn's letter & picture really tugs at my heart strings.  A picture from my nephews would have been great, but I'm pretty sure it would have involved stuff blowing up or creepy crawlies or something - ha.  Nothing wrong with that - I look forward to Alex drawing pictures for me in all his boy glory.  I just love those butterflies & the sweetness of her picture.  J
Thanks for brightening my week, Lauryn!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Throwback Thursday

It's been way too long since my last Throwback Thursday post, but I warned you this time of the year is busy!  Time has really been flying by.  I can't believe Alex will be nine months old on Saturday!  Anyway, here's my next installment from my pregnancy e-journal.

September 25th
Busy, busy day!!  Michael & I were super productive.  I cleaned the house while he organized the attic, cleaned out the garage, started to clean out the closets, etc.  My parents & sister were coming around 3:00 to help us move furniture & assemble the crib – Michael & I basically did a whole day’s worth of work before they even got there!  We (ok, they) moved the bed to the office.  I really wanted to keep the futon in the office since I watch TV in there & don’t like sitting on a bed to watch TV.  But there was just no way it was all going to fit (even though I swore in my mind that it would).  I didn’t want to get rid of the futon but I didn’t want to take it apart & store it in the garage.  I was not happy but I didn’t have a solution.  In the end, my sister decided to take the futon to her apartment.  This worked for me since we can get it back from her someday if we move to a bigger house & want it.  My mom & I started wiping down the walls in the baby’s room to get ready to paint in a few weeks & my dad filled in holes with spackle.  Then my family put together the crib, so Michael & I didn’t have to kill ourselves trying to figure it out (we’re not handy!)  We celebrated my dad’s birthday to end the day with Papa Murphy’s bread sticks & pizza & apple pie.  It wasn’t my idea to put my dad to work the same day we celebrated his birthday but I wasn’t going to turn down the help!  It was a very productive day & Michael & I were exhausted by the end.  My mom asked me if I had felt the nugget get hiccups yet, but I haven’t really noticed anything.  He’s very active but he’s either pushing or kicking & it’s not rhythmic like hiccups…

September 26th – 29 weeks
I woke up & was laying in bed & realized the nugget had the hiccups!!  It wasn’t as strong as when he kicks – it almost feels like a pulse or heartbeat (but isn’t fast enough to be his heartbeat).  So crazy since my mom had just asked about it!  When I told her later, she said the nugget was already listening to his grandma.  J  Sherwin Williams had a sale over the weekend – 40% off their paint.  We decided to take advantage & picked a color that we hope looks good with the natural wood furniture & baby bedding.  We bought two gallons, which I thought was a little much but better safe than sorry.  Plus, Michael pointed out that we can always use the excess in the office or hall bathroom – both rooms need to be re-painted.  I put up the Halloween decorations (yay!), went to yoga & then came home to watch Dexter with Amanda.  A lot for one weekend, but I felt a lot better about our long list of stuff we need to do.  We got to check a few things off!

September 28th
I got the fabric measurements for the crib from Lisa & bought the suede fabric while it was still 53% off.  Sweet!

September 29th
The nugget now has hiccups several times a day just about every day.  Had another appointment.  Everything looks good (and the nugget is super cute – he does NOT look like a monkey!)  I swear my doctor said he weighs 3 lbs, 12 oz but maybe she said 2 lbs because all the books, emails say he should be around 3 lbs total.  I hope I’m not having a massive baby!  The doctor didn’t seem concerned, so I’ll try not to be either.  Alisa came over for dinner with Annie.  It was really fun catching up with her & seeing sweet Annie!

September 30th
OSU played Texas A&M at home at 6:45, so Michael & I headed to Stillwater right after work.  We were hoping to leave work a little early, so we could grab dinner in Stillwater before the game but Michael had a meeting he forgot about at 4:00.  We ended up eating at the stadium (boo – the food is ok but just didn’t sound good to me).  It was a roller coaster game!!  We were down by three touchdowns at the half & it didn’t look good.  Then we came back & got up by a few touchdowns & we thought it was in the bag.  A&M scored a few quick touchdowns & it was tied.  Then we screwed up & A&M got the ball back with enough time to score again.  We thought it was over for us.  But A&M’s quarterback threw an interception!!  The OSU player went down earlier than he should have because he thought the clock was almost out.  But somehow, we still managed to move the ball down a little more.  It all came down to a field goal attempt.  Michael & I have watched many a games when it came down to the last seconds & we lost.  We never get breaks like this!  It was a long field goal attempt but our kicker made it!!!  WE WON!  The whole stadium went crazy.  It was a LONG & stressful game but it was worth it in the end.  Michael at one point grabbed me & shook me, he was so happy.  Then he rubbed my belly & told the nugget he was sorry.  J  I really wish we had been able to go out after the game to celebrate – everyone was in such a great mood.  We drove home, but the drive didn’t feel as long since we were so happy.  I was really tired at work the next day, but it was all worth it!!  What a freaking game!

Even though this ran a little long, I included the last day for an important reason.  OSU has a home football game tonight!  I'm thinking it's good luck that this post coincided with OSU's only Thursday night game of this season.  I'm hoping that means we'll win the game!  I don't want it to be as close as the A&M game but I'll take it if it means winning.  J

Go Pokes!  (You may be thinking I'm a huge sports fan but I'm really not unless it involves OSU football or basketball.  I felt the need to add that disclaimer in case you were thinking about inviting me over for a football watching marathon or something - ha!)