Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Day

 A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful dad - it's a big one this year, but I won't yell out his age in case he doesn't want the whole five people who read this blog to know - ha!

My dad was one of those fun dads growing up.  When we'd go to a pool or lake, he'd always launch us in the air or play "shark" where he'd swim under the water & grab our legs.  Other kids would always come up to him & ask him to throw them up in the air.  He'd also play a game with us where he'd turn off all the lights in our house (except for the kitchen & living room) & hide.  We'd have to go down the long hallway & search for him in each room.  He'd jump out & scare us - we loved it!

One of my favorite memories is when he comforted me when I was scared.  I had watched a scary movie (assuring my mom that I would NOT be scared when I went to bed - telling her I was very grown up & could handle it) & of course by the time night rolled around, I was scared.  When my dad tucked me in, I told him I was a little freaked out by the movie.  I still remember what he told me.  I was into the Care Bears when I was little & was growing out of this phase but still had a few in my room.  He asked me if I thought Care Bears were real & did I expect them to come marching into my room.  I laughed & said no - that's silly.  He said the movie was the same - no more real that cartoon Care Bears.  It was simple, but it got through to me.  Anytime I was laying in bed frightened, I just thought about Care Bears.  And hey - if anything, maybe the Care Bears would come protect me from a movie monster.  I'll even admit I use the same technique now when I'm going to bed & hear a random noise in the dark.  Nothing like imagining a plush, colorful bear to snap you out of it!

Alex LOVES my dad.  Being a fun dad, I always knew he'd be an even more amazing grandpa.  Alex always reaches for grandpa - he practically will jump out of your arms to get to him (even when his mama's holding him!)  We went to Beavers Bend (near Broken Bow) this weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday.  Michael caught a video of my dad entertaining Alex.


I'm not sure Michael & I make him laugh that hard!  I can't wait to see them together as Alex gets older & they can have even more fun together.

I'll end with a giant THANK YOU to my dad for all he's done.  I wouldn't be who I am without him.  I'm glad I could give him a grandchild to enjoy.  It's almost more fun to watch him with my son than it is to remember all the fun I had when I was little.  Almost, but not quite.  You just can't beat that hallway scaring game.  J

Love you, Dad!!

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Amanda said...

Aww! You almost made me cry! Love you, Dad! I also really like Camden's short cameo in the video.