Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Months

Well, this post is over a week late & I forgot to do my Throwback Thursday post yesterday - I'm such a slacker!  I'll try to get back on track soon.  J

I can hardly believe it but Alex is six months old!!  I told Michael a few weeks ago that Alex basically was almost a year old & not far from graduating high school.  He says I have a tendency to be over dramatic.  I don't see it.

Alex is a busy guy.  He can sit up by himself & is already a pro.  He's still army crawling & he's started climbing on pillows.  It probably won't be long until he's climbing on the furniture!  He lets you know when he wants to be picked up - he crawls over to your feet & starts to fuss.  He still loves to be outside.  I bought him a small pool yesterday.  He liked to sit in it but didn't want to move around much, but today he got a little more adventurous.  I think he's going to be a water baby!

We have to keep a good eye on him - he loves to find shoes on the floor to chew on & he thinks electrical cords look like fun.  He has toys all around him but he likes to play with anything that's NOT his toy - ha.  He's eating cereal twice a day & a veggie or fruit once a day.  He's tried sweet potatoes, carrots & bananas.  He makes funny faces with the potatoes & carrots but still wants more.  He liked bananas at first but about halfway through, he decided he was not a fan.  I don't blame him - bananas are gross!  Here are a few recent pics.

Six months old!
 Paper is delicious
 Already feeding himself with a spoon (ok, not really...)
 One of his favorite sleep positions - knees tucked under, booty sticking up
 Listening to internet radio on the TV
I'm so happy I've gotten to spend the last six months with him & I look forward to the next six months (and beyond)!

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Starr said...

Jonathan and I had a date tonight, and spent a good 10 minutes of our precious kid-free meal time discussing how much we want to see Alex! We'll be there next week! Can't wait. He's grown so much.