Fed IS Best | 6.20.19

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"Before AP was born, I had big plans to breastfeed her until she was at least one. I never thought twice about it. I successfully nursed two other babies and never had an issue.

This time, we struggled to make it to six months. We started supplementing at four months. Failure. That’s exactly what it felt like. It took me a few months to finally come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t able to nurse her the whole first year and it was OKAY.

Our snuggles are just as special, we still have the sweetest bond and she loves me more than anyone. Fed is best, y’all. I have lived it. I had a baby that was miserable and not gaining weight and had no clue. I promise, they will love you just the same." 💜
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A Year Later... Featuring Beech-Nut® NaturalsTM

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I'm not sure how we are already to the "One Year" mark. How is it possible my little newborn is celebrating a whole year with us. This of course has been the best year thus far. As you can probably gather from my social media silence, this is a good month and a half over do! I keep seeing this quote about May being "MAYcember" and geez I couldn't agree more. 2019 has been so busy for us so far!

We had the best time on this day celebrating our sweet AP being one. She brings our family SO Much joy! I'm so excited to share these photo's with y'all because this was seriously the best day. Have I said that enough yet?

When we started planning this first birthday we knew we wanted it to be extra sweet. I wanted it to be simple and elegant all while incorporating something that she LOVED into it. I was feeding her lunch and thinking about what this was it hit me. Staring down at the tiny little honeypot jar I knew that was it! I started planning and it came together perfectly.

Our family has always thrived on natural, organic food so the fact that our babe has loved Beech-Nut® NaturalsTM from the first day she had solid foods, makes my mama heart so happy. Beech-Nut® Naturals.TM real food for babies,Made with real fruits and vegetables, just like you would use at home, and only ingredients you can pronounce. 

From the decorations to the sweet little smash cake everything came together perfectly. A whole year has past since we welcomed our number four and she is the perfect little puzzle piece we were missing. As a mom I feel as though one of my greatest goals is to nourish these precious lives God has given me. Making sure I'm feeding them the best thing possible is so important to me. Beech-Nut® NaturalsTM makes it easy to feed your family the best possible food that is inspired by homemade! 

Weekend Recap | 4/27/19

Wallet | UNDER $20 HERE 


BONNET: The Beaufort Bonnet Company | TOP: FREE PEOPLE | HAYES TOP: here | Wallet: Under $20 HERE | TRANSITION BOTTLE: Dr. Browns | BOTTLE: COMOTOMO
Other necessities not in the pictures: Cutie Pat | 

Be prepared for many pictures of a baby in a bonnet now that the weather is warm! It is seriously now of my FAVORITE things. THIS ONE is our go to. It's perfect to keep those little ones from getting too much sun. Our sweet AP has the world's most sensitive skin. Before we head out doors anytime the weather is warm I make sure to slather her in sunscreen and throw on a bonnet. 

This year we decided to get season tickets for Ole Miss baseball. If you didn't know we are huge Ole Miss fans- some of us are a little more dramatic than others about it (hint hint, BD). Barrett and I talk daily about how that was the best decision we made. It is so fun to take the kids to games on the weekends. They have the BEST time! 

 Also, THIS WALLET  pictured above- I found last week and had to have it. It's under $20 and looks so similar to a LV! 

AR went on a weekend trip to Nashville to visit cousins so we took the two littles to two games and had a great weekend. I've got a post in the works for later this week about easy travel with kids. You always hear people talk about how difficult it is to travel with them. I strongly disagree. We have always traveled with ours and it's a breeze! Last weekend we went downtown to Memphis. We stayed a night, went to dinner and a baseball game all with kids in tow and never had an issue. My number one tip is, if you start them while they are babies they won't know the difference. 

Sunny Days With Evenflo

"This weather has us spending all of our time outside- it’s been so nice! Last year I had a total of five strollers in my garage. Ridiculous right? We now have two. A single jogging stroller and our @evenflobabyPivot Xpand™ Modular Stroller. It’s perfect when I’m strolling one babe or all three! We can convert it to a double and add a rider board. I’m trying to figure out how I lived without it! Shop today’s post by following me in the app!"

Spring is my favorite time of the year! After months of cold weather it feels so good to be out and about. Check out more of why we love our new Evenflo Pivot Stroller over on our Instagram!

Thanks to Evenflo for sponsoring today's post! 

Diaper Bags for the Stylish Mama (Published on 7/26/16)

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Hey Guys, Happy Tuesday!

If you have been following along on my instagram then you have seen a few of my post where I talk about a huge surprise coming on August the 26th. I seriously can't wait to share what is going on! 

Mark your calendars for that date and be sure to follow along on instagram and snapchat (ryanndonahoe) so you can see up close and personal before it goes live!

If you are like me and love stylish bags then this post is for you. I recently teamed up with The Baby Cubby to write a post about our favorite diaper bag and give you a sneak peak at what's inside. 

Nothing irritates me more than carrying around a dorky diaper bag when I'm in my "cute" attire. It just completely throws of my look! 

This J.J Cole bag is the PERFECT bag, not only does it look great but it also works wonders as a diaper bag. It has several comparments for all of you and your babes belongings. It comes complete with a changing pad plus stroller handles which is genius! 

Do you ever travel with a stroller and find yourself trying to stuff your bag underneath it or even holding it on your shoulder the entire time? Well it has happened to me on several occasions. 

A few weeks ago I started working a couple of days a week and it has been great! My kiddos go to daycare on those two days, and we bring in bulk diapers and wipes so on the days they go all I'm packing is a lunch, and nap time needs. I pack all of that together in a small bag and I'm actually using my diaper bag for myself on the days that I work- shhh don't tell :) 

BE sure to check out the baby cubby for all of your babes needs from bags to toys! 

Here  is where you can go to see all that The Baby Cubby has to offer for yourself! 

You can also check out this link to see The Baby Cubby's diaper bag buying guide 

The Best Mom Advice To Surviving The First Year

This article was first published on A Mother Is in March 2019

Whether it’s your first, third or fifth child you will quickly realize that people love to give all sorts of parenting advice. This can be so overwhelming for any new mom. You will hear the countless comments about what others did that worked for them. As a mom of four I’m here to give you a little hope and to let you know that all babies are different. The pregnancies and postpartum months will all be different. You will struggle with different issues each time and question yourself. For me, it was the until baby number three that I quickly realized the struggles moms can have. 

I successfully breastfed two babies, both times making it almost a full year. There was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be able to exclusively breastfeed the third time around. It wasn’t until the two month mark that we started having issues and we both struggled just make it to that sixth month mark. This is when it became apparent that all of my journeys would be different. What worked the first time might not work now. But that’s okay, because this is YOUR journey. 

I found it hard to accept help when my babies got past six weeks. It’s just this natural mama instinct to want to do it all ourselves. If someone would offer to bring us dinner I would feel guilty. “My baby is almost two months old, I should be capable of making my family dinner again right?” 

I believe the biggest misconception about postpartum is that moms feel that once their babies get to a certain age, they should be able to “do it all” again. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Mom’s should never feel guilty about getting help especially during the first full year. Let someone make you dinner, let them babysit so you can get a few extra hours of sleep or a shower. The first year is always the most challenging- getting help from others will make it easier for you. Plan an afternoon out of the house doing something you love, go on a date night with your husband, and my all means don’t feel guilty if your friend wants to come over and help you fold the laundry. The best advice for surviving the first year of motherhood is more simple than we think. Just take the help and do something that makes you happier every now and again. Take it from me, It will make you a better mama! 

Avocado Chicken Salad From True Roots

Link to True Roots | HERE 

Our family has had our fair share of clean-eating days. Three years ago my husband and I were eating a clean diet and felt great but because we are humans e fell off of the wagon a few times. Now we always eat healthy and try to workout. Sometimes are better than others and some months we eat a little too much ice cream. Instead of focusing on a "diet", losing weight etc. we decided to just make small changes to the way we prepare food. 

I've loved Kristin Cavallari for years but became so fond of her when she became a mom and adapted a healthier lifestyle. Last year I bought her cookbook when it came out and have tried a few recipes here and there. Honesty though, sometimes it's just easier to grab the pancake mix or packaged chicken salad from the store. Sometimes thinking about revising recipes can be overwhelming, or at least that's what I thought. That was until we started making small changes. I started making one wholesome recipes a day and now it's just become a habit. Being the healthiest is a must for my sweet babes. They deserve a mama who is on her A game! 

So I thought I would document this weeks recipes on the blog. Simple recipes all out of Kristen Cavallari's cookbook True Roots. I have always loved the idea of having many home cooked meals throughout the day. I grew up cooking in my grandmother's kitchen and I loved that. Although now the healthiest thing- my husband loves to tell the story of how my homemade lasagna won him over. 

It's so crazy to me that if you just take the time to fix healthy meals it seems to get easier and less complicated overtime.  I could have easily cooked an egg in the skillet and went on about my day for breakfast. Instead I made avocado toast with an egg, arugula and crushed red pepper flakes. Turns that boring egg into SUCH a good breakfast and really helps to get my day going (and coffee, of course) 

Today's lunch was Avocado Chicken Salad from True roots and let's just say, I'm pumped there are leftovers. Avocado and pink himalayan salt are a staple in our kitchen so I'm not mad about having both of those included and PHS. I forgot to snap a after picture before I devoured it but wanted to share the recipe with you guys if you don't have the book. If not I highly suggest it! 
Stay tuned for tomorrow's recipe. Butternut squash pancakes. YUM. 

Grab your copy of True Roots HERE

How my Style has Changed as i'm Nearing Thirty

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You can shop all item from PinkBlush HERE

Light Pink Cardigan : HERE

Green Ruffle Dress : HERE

Although I'm still two years away from thirty I have realized that this past year a lot of things have changed. My style included. Amongst other things such as my body (thanks to my three beautiful babes that it carried.) My taste in furniture and home decor is evolving as well. I think back to the days when I thought everything in my home had to be brand new. I couldn't wait for the day that I could purchase all new furniture. It's seems as though when I hit twenty-seven I just woke up. I remember thinking, "Do I really care?" Honestly, the answer is no. I started truly finding my personal style when I found other bloggers with similar taste. I did an Instagram clean out and started following other accounts that were like mine. Since I did this my head has been more clear, I don't feel negative somedays for not having new things and I appreciate what I do have much more. One of my favorite past times since changing my lifestyle is thrift shopping. Not even kidding. I have started finding the best little nic nacs for our home this way. 

A few months after I had my third baby I realized the clothes that I had in my closet weren't really doing it for me. Not only did I not care for the style of them, since my body had changed I didn't like the way I looked in them. The older I get the more I realize that I am now drawn to less super bright outfits. When I was ready to update my closet I knew my staple pieces would come from PinkBlush. Their pieces truly never let me down all from pre, during and post pregnancies. They also have so many style options that I'm able to find things as my style is evolving! 

My everyday "mom outfit" for taking care of the kids and home is always a cozy cardigan, a tank and jeans. I found this light pink cardigan and I find myself wearing it multiple times a week. For my for dress up pieces I knew the color scheme I had in mind and this dress was a perfect fit. I find myself leaning more towards darker colors these days and I love it. 

I also want to say- something I've learned and feel like I have talked about numerous times since having my last baby is about postpartum bodies. Being closer to thirty, having my third baby and having them all within five years took a toll on my body. We are almost one year postpartum and I'm starting to truly love my body again. Instead of focusing on the number that is one the scale, I'm focusing on health. I believe feeling comfortable in your body has a lot to do with feeling good in the clothes you are wearing. I know for me that I feel so much better when my clothes fit and I'm not trying to get into a pair of jeans I've had for ten years. Things change over time. Styles and our bodies. It's perfectly normal to change things up from time to time. 

If you are on the hunt for a couple of great PinkBlush pieces I highly recommend these two!  You can find the Light Pink Cardigan here. It is available in three different colors. You can also find the Green Floral Layered Ruffle Sleeve Dress here. It's really flowy and comfortable. I love it for throwing it on those days I want to fee a little more dressed up. 

What Do you Really Need for your Newborn?


Being a mom of four means I’ve had my fair share of  thinking “What should I get for those Newborn days?” With your first baby it’s easy to get carried away with the latest and greatest of the current baby trends. As an experienced mom I’m here to tell what the things we found necessary, things we could have lived without and things that were completely useless. 

The Must Haves

1.A Breast Pump (if you plan to breastfeed)- I made this mistake of not getting a breast pump before the baby was born. Thinking I wouldn't need it until I planned to leave the baby with some one else while I was out of the house. Boy as I wrong! I become engorged the second we were home. Which meant my husband was running around town looking for a breast pump while I was home in tears! 

2. Accessible Nursing Wear- Before baby number one I grabbed one nursing bra and that was it. I sent my husband on a Target run to grab more. So for my second and third babies I knew what I needed beforehand. I stocked up on nursing bra’s, nursing nightgown and tank tops. During the first few weeks with your baby you will spend a lot of time at home, in bed. You’ll want to have comfy lounge wear with easy access to breastfeed! 

3. Swaddles- With our first I stocked up on tons of muslin cotton swaddle blankets- while these are great and high on our list, I found that using a true “Swaddler” worked much better while trying to keep them asleep for long periods of time. We went with the Ollie Swaddle and Miracle Blanket. These help to keep baby feeling secure and they aren't able to move around as easily to free their arms. Our babies slept usually slept 4+ hour stretches at night in the first two weeks. 

Other Great Things We Loved

1.The Dock A Tot- Easy for bed sharing and traveling the Dock A Tot is a great option to have. With two sizes available our littles stayed in their Dock A Tot deluxe for the first six months and the Dock A Tot Grand until age two. 

2. The Owlet Baby Monitor- No parent wants to have to worry about their newborn all throughout the night. The owlet baby monitor offers parents a piece of mind. Because these are a little on the higher end of baby gear prices, we used gift cards from our showers to purchase our Owlet. 

3. Lollipop Baby Monitor- Hands down one of my favorite baby items to date. We didn't get thus item until baby number three but I wish I would have had it from day one! The Lollipop Camera os great quality, gives parents access to their babes even when they are out of the house and it’s easy to install. 

Things We had but Never used 

1. A Diaper Pale- I know there are some parents who love these. For our family we found it easier to use our plastic grocery bags for diapers and take them outside everyday. 

2. A lot to Baby Gear (Swings, Bouncers, etc.)- We went above and beyond with baby number one. We got the latest swing, a highly rated bouncy seat and a Rock N Play. We quickly realized we didn’t have room for all of them and our baby only loved the Rock N Play. For the others we would always have our Rock N Play ready when we got home from the hospital. We then would get know the baby a little and see what would work best for that particular baby. Baby number two loved a swim while baby number three did not. 

3. A lot of Newborn Clothes- Newborns grow so quickly during their first few weeks of life. With our first we had so many newborn clothes. We kept her in baby gowns mainly and the next thing we knew she had outgrown all of the cute tiny clothes we stocked up on. Instead of getting a ton of newborn- grab those 0-3, 3-6 month instead. 

All About Why We Use Cloth Diapers

Happy Tuesday! 

I’ve been taking some time to really just enjoy my time at home with family. I rarely post to Instagram stories, I post to my feed a couple of times a week and try to write at least one blog post a week. You guys it’s been SO nice. My children will only be small for a second and I want to enjoy ALL that I can. 

If you have been around since my second pregnancy then you know we used cloth diapers. Our son had (what I thought) was sensitive skin. It wasn’t until our our third baby that I realized that we are dealing with the real deal now! I had a couple of friends who used cloth when I first started and it was so helpful- so if you ever need someone to ask questions, I’m your gal! 

Why do we use cloth? Our youngest baby has the worlds most sensitive skin. We strive to use non toxic products most of the time and chemical filled diapers are what is terrible for our daughter. She gets a diaper rash at the drop of a hat. So we switched to cloth with number two for the first two years. When he turned two I went back to work full time and it was hard to keep up with- oh not to mention I was also pregnant! I was really tired most of the time and adding another load of laundry to my day as hard. I packed them away until we needed them for number three! 

Okay for real now- we use cloth for a few different reasons. 1. There are no chemicals= there is no diaper rash! 2. It saves money- I wash a load of diapers at the end of the day. 3. We don't use them at night and not everyday- deciding to use cloth diapers is similar to what I say about using non toxic products. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Thankfully we have been blessed with great sleepers. My kiddos sleep 12 hours a night so a regular diaper at night time is what works best for us. I'll go through days of using only disposable. Whatever works best for you. 

Our favorite brand is Nora's Nursery. Why is it that we love adorable diaper prints? These prints are so girly and sweet. You can find these and other prints HERE

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week. If you have any questions about cloth I'd love to hear from you!