Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Starting A Routine for Your Newborn

Hey y'all! It's been one whole month with our itty bitty girl and we are in heaven. We are adjusting as a big family and mama is finally feeling like I've got this "mom" thing under control (well a little). The older two are in school for a few more weeks before they are out for summer and then I might really go crazy. 

I'm all about a schedule for my babies. If that's not your thing thats cool too! For us it just works best.   While we love "schedules" we don't start them until our babies are around 8-12 weeks. What we do like to establish though is a routine. I usually try to start working a routine into our day when our babies are about 3-4 weeks. I've learned the first couple of weeks are "go with the flow" weeks. For the first two weeks I live in pjs and the baby and I hang out in bed most of the day. It one of my favorite times! 

Establishing a routine and schedule has always worked for us. All of my children still love bed time and sleep. Maybe it's just them but if they miss a nap or don't get enough hours at night our days get thrown off and mama feels like she might go insane lol. 

Our routine is really simple and stress free. We go by the "three hour easy" for the most part. We do a little of the baby wise plus moms on call and it seems to work great for me. My main tip is stick to a firm bedtime routine! We still do this for all of our kiddos. We just do a simple suppertime, bath, books, prayers hugs and kisses! 

I have started a routine with AP the last two weeks and she's adjusting to it really well. She wakes up and nurses about 6am and then usually falls back asleep at around 6:30. We leave to take the kids to school about 7:30 and she naps. We usually get home around 8. She then eats and then naps a good two hours. The cycle pretty much repeats itself. Wake up, nurse, awake time for about 3o minutes to an hour and then nap. 

Starting a routine for our newborns is so important to us because it helps us get them on a schedule by three months. I'm happy to say that all of ours sleep 12 hours a night at 12 weeks! After a few sleep deprived months it brings me back to life. 

Another tip is to get them up and moving during awake time. AP usually naps in our room (which is her room right now too) so when she's awake I like to bring her in the living room where there is a ton of natural light. Our DockATot Delux is such a huge part in our awake time. We use the Toy Bar during this time too! We also move to DockATot to her crib for naps and she sleeps like a pro. 

We love our routine but I always go off of the baby's cues. Sometimes she doesn't want to sleep unless she is on mama and sometimes we nurse around the clock. Which is perfectly fine by me. These days are so very precious! Enjoy all of the snuggles while you can. 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Diaper Bag Must Haves For Newborns

Sweet Anne Purser has been in our lives for just under three weeks. She is getting on more of a sleeping routine and this mama is so grateful for that! In today's post I wanted to share a few of my diaper bag must haves for newborns. A few months ago I did a post on our "Newborn and Toddler Shared Diaper Bag" you can find that post here. 

Now that Hayes is almost three he doesn't require much in the diaper bag if we are just going out for an hour or two and right now that's the extent of our outings. We have only been on one "family outing" in the past three weeks but daddy and I have taken AP out alone. I forgot how many doctors appointments you have in the first few weeks! 

This post is just going to focus on a few things that I have realized are MUST to keep on hand when you are out with a newborn.

One thing I can't live without during the first couple of weeks is a Medela Manual Pump. I am exclusively breastfeeding and thankfully I have never had an issue with low milk supply. In fact I have a little bit of an over-supply issue in the beginning which often leads me to getting engorged. Sometimes when we are out and it's not time for the baby to nurse it's so helpful to have a manual pump! When we are at home I use a Medela Freestyle Pump. I will add now that we are almost three weeks in my supply has mostly regulated. YAY.

Things for Comport
Anne Purser wasn't a paci fan in the first week but now she has learned to love one. My favorite in the newborn days is a Wubbanub. They are great for babies in a carseat because they help the paci stay in the babies mouth.
We also take a baby lovey with a little bit of diluted lavender oil rubbed on it. I did this with Hayes when he was learning to nap in his crib his first couple of months. I usually just put it fairly close to them and it does wonders in helping soothe them.

Nose Frida 
We just got our Nose Frida in a couple of days ago and man am I thankful I ordered it. When we went to the pediatrician for our two week check up I mentioned that AP wakes up with what sounds like a stuffy nose (he informed me this is totally normal) and her doctor suggested the Nose Frida.

Diapers and Wipes and Ointment 
I know you're probably thinking this is an obvious one but since AP is a breastfed baby we go through diapers like CRAZY. I always have to make sure I pack double of what I think we will need. Also for breastfed baby comes with lots of dirty diapers which means diaper rashes are more common. This one is the only one that seems to clear ours up in the early weeks.

Blankets and Carseat Covers 
We took AP out to her sister's softball game this past Saturday. The weather was just too perfect to pass up but she stayed in her carseat the whole time with a carseat over on. Copper Pearl swaddle blankets and covers are our favorite. They are SO soft. The carseat cover also doubles as a nursing cover. I sat in the car when she needed to eat but used the cover too!

Bottles and Cups 
You probably know our favorite sippy cups are our Replay Recycled cups. I always keep one in my purse or diaper bag at all times for Hayes.
We used Tommee Tippee bottles for Hayes and he loved them. We haven't introduced bottles yet this go round but plan on doing it soon. I always keep one in the bag just in case. Along with the manual pump there might be a situation where Barrett has to help feed her. So these two things stay in the bag at all times!

Those are just a few things that I try to always have one hand when we are going somewhere with the baby. You can never be too prepared when leaving the house with a newborn. Let me know what your favorite newborn essentials are!

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Happy Tuesday friends!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Welcome to the World Anne Purser

April 5th 2018 we welcomed our sweet bitty girl Anne Purser to the world. 
Born at 9:21am 
Weighing 6 pounds and 14 ounces 
19 inches long

She's our tiniest baby yet and she's beyond perfect! 

This pregnancy seemed to last forever but looking back it went by so fast and I still can't believe we already have our sweet girl here. 

I wanted to share some pictures and just a little bit about the day she was born. We have been loving on our sweet angel for two whole weeks now! 

April 4th 2018 
The day before we had family come into town and it made that next day perfect. Living a long distance from any family really gets tough. Especially for a mama with babies and a hard working daddy. We spent the night visiting and getting ready to meet our bitty girl! 

April 5th 2018 
Barrett and I left the house a little after five that morning. We expected to have a baby a little after eight. We went through all of the steps and waited for them to take us back. I kept asking Barrett "What time is it!?" Our doctor got stuck in terrible traffic on his way to the hospital due to a wreck so that made me ever MORE anxious. Finally they took us back and we were ready to have a baby.

With all three babies we have delivered in different towns, different hospitals and three different doctors. I'd have to say this c-section was by far the best experience and easiest. Our doctor did his best to make it an enjoyable experience and it was. With my first c-section I had been in labor all day so by the time we had her everything was just a blur. The seconds one was a lot better knowing what to expect and this one was a breeze. Barrett thinks it's so awesome that they had "good" music playing and just chit chatting away during the whole thing. He makes sure to tell me all of the comments that were made like "mover her bladder over here" I cringed when he talks about it!

If you have been following along form the beginning of this pregnancy then you know we waited to find out what we were having. It was THE BEST thing we have ever done. Having a new baby is such a joyous thing alone but there was so much anticipation leading up to the birth that it made it that much more exciting.

The whole pregnancy I just knew we were having a boy. I had a feeling from day one. Barrett had been saying girl all along.  I knew I was going to get to prove him wrong! Mama's just always know right? Well not in this case. I think because I secretly was wanting another baby girl that I had my mind made up it was a boy. So when the doctor asked what our final guess what I said boy and barrett said girl. A few seconds later we heard the sweetest little cry. I think I asked "What is it!?" five different times. He brought her around the corner held her up and said "It's a girl!"

I of course missed all of the action when the family got to meet her but I was told everyone was over the moon! She gave us a little bit of a scare after she was born. Being a c-section baby she had a little too much fluid in her lungs after the birth. The nurses and Barrett were both so great at reassuring me everything was fine. After a some time in the nursery and a little oxygen she was good to go!

We have been enjoying our time home and trying to adjust. The older kids are doing well. They all want to love on her 24/7

Thank you for all of the love and support over the past months during the pregnancy and our first couple of weeks! All of the comments, calls and texts have meant so much!